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Steps To Integrate Your Feelings

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Recognizing Emotional Addictions

What did you learn about yourself?

Do not make what you learned right or wrong. Simply notice it.

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Understanding Memorized Emotional Frequencies

Memorized Emotional Frequencies Live In Your Cells.

Your body is emotionally conditioned to the same frequency you have every day so much so that the cells of your body will send signals to your brain to have thoughts that create the memorized feelings to be sent down into them so they can have their chemical fix.

Your emotions are chemicals and change the cells frequency and chemical structure when they enter your cells.

The way your emotions enter your cell is through a receptor site. There are different receptor sites for each emotion.

The more you have an emotion the more receptor sites are created for that emotion to enter the cell.  The more receptor sites for that emotion the stronger you feel that emotion. The stronger you feel that emotion the more conditioned you become toward that emotion.

This is how your body becomes addicted to your emotions.

The first thing to do is to notice your emotional conditioning.

Start to notice the emotional frequency created in your body without judgment. Simply notice the feelings you have as if you are an outsider watching you. That will start to slow the emotional frequency down. That is the start of change.

Know Your Frequency

Once you go outside your normal emotional frequency it will not feel safe. It will feel different and uncomfortable.

Your body will give you reasons why it’s a bad idea, not to trust it and why it won’t work, only to keep your emotional frequency the same because that is what it knows.

It will make up excuses why you can’t and remind you that nothing has worked in the past so why should this.

Your body is only running a program it has maintained most of your life.

Your emotional conditioning/frequency is not you.

It’s only a frequency you are familiar with.

Have you ever gotten results with your weight only to…

  • Sabotage yourself
  • Feel too busy to keep it up
  • Remember times you tried something and it didn’t work and have doubts

This is your body sending signals to your brain to keep things the same and return you to your “normal” weight. It may even increase it because of the fear you held when you lost the weight and feared you’d gain it back.This because that is what it knows.

However, that is NOT your truth it is only your conditioned frequency or state created from past experiences.

This conditioned state had a purpose when it was created and that was to keep you safe. Keeping you safe and getting you through your childhood is where your emotional frequencies come from.

You have survived your childhood! Yeah!

You no longer need old emotional frequencies to keep you safe. However, shifting them will take you becoming someone with a different emotional frequency, which means feeling a whole new way about yourself and choosing new behaviors.

Living in a body you love takes the willingness to try a new emotional frequency on a daily basis. It’s like learning to drive.

If you tried to drive a manual stick shift when you’ve been driving an automatic all your life, how would that feel? 

It would feel uncomfortable. You will have a lot of jerking.

That’s what happens when you try and change your emotional frequency.

That’s why most women go their entire lives not living in a body they love.

If you can give yourself permission to feel uncomfortable for just enough time to start to get used to the new feeling you will have a different result in your body and in your life.

Your Emotions Gives You Perspective of Who You Are

woman with her daughterIf you’ve felt a certain way about yourself for a long time, it wasn’t created at the age you are now. It was created at a younger age. It’s time to have compassion for the younger part of you that created the behaviors and feelings you have. They were created out of survival.

This is not about making you wrong!

It is about understanding yourself from a new perspective that creates peace. The younger-you was doing the best she could during your childhood and only wanted to get through her situation. The feelings that were unconsciously created, are still running your life now.

Your emotional feelings were created from your past. Accept them as sign-posts of who you used to be. They are telling you about your past and they don’t have to be part of your future.

They are memorized behaviors and ways of being that live in your body but…

They are NOT who you are!

It’s time to have compassion for that younger part of you like you would for a character in a movie who went through the same thing.

You, more than anyone in the entire Universe, deserve your love and compassion.


When you feel a feeling that you know doesn’t serve you, do the following:

  • Ask yourself, “What age is this feeling?”
  • Let it be okay that you are feeling that feeling. (NEVER make it wrong or try to fix it.)
  • Feel where the feeling lives in your body and breathe full acceptance into the feeling until you feel it shift.
  • Say to yourself, “This feeling is apart of me and it’s okay. What if there really is nothing to fix about me AND I really can live in a body I love?”

Steps To Integrate Your Feelings

Notice the feeling that shows up after this practice and start to trust that feeling.

This is the time of awakening to who you are and letting it be okay to be YOU!

Watch Your Life Like You're Watching A Movie

Life Movie Meditation

How would you feel about the main character in your life (You) if it wasn’t you?

What would you think of the main character having gone through all the challenges in your life?

How would you feel about her when you see the pain, sorry, grief, triumphs, and joys?

Can you feel a new way about yourself?

If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete.


Align Your Heart and Your Mind

Your heart is 100 x’s more powerful than your brain and 5,000 times more magnetic.

When you overeat and put yourself down for it, it’s because overeating is giving you some kind of pleasure or safety and that will win out over what you think you want every time!

To align your heart and mind they must both want the same thing.

Use this pdf to get your heart and mind on the same page with your food choices and the first habit you want to change.

 Quesions to Align the heart and brain


Please post on our private forum the question you will ask yourself to shift your first habit. Click Here!

Sharing this question will help get the ball-rolling in your favor and inspire your sisters to stay on their journey with you!

Next week learn a POWERFUL Rite of Passage ceremony that integrates all the feelings in your body so you feel lighter and trust that you CAN live in a body you love!

Daily Integration Actions: Hero Means Me Quick Victory Sounds Good
Daily Practices (Each takes less than 1-2 min)

Hero: Hydrate

Water Heals, Supports and Help You Release Inches!

Practice drinking 1/2 your body weight in ounces each day.

If you haven’t been hydrating yourself, don’t be overwhelmed with the amount recommended.

Start with drink one 32-ounce bottle a day or even every other day. Do something that you can succeed at easily and don’t make yourself wrong if you don’t meet your goal…

It’s ONLY a practice.

Tip: Use stainless steal or glass water bottle and limit your exposure to plastic.

Means: Mirror Practice
Mirror PracticeDo this practice every time you look in the mirror.

Say out-loud or to yourself…

“I’m ready to be friends.”

Give yourself permission to relax and release the fight.

Take at least one-deep breath and let your body feel the release.

You can do this!

Me: Movement

Movement automatically elevates your emotional frequency. It doesn’t take long. It can be two-minutes on your trampoline and you will feel it.

You are a member of the Be Fit with Love online workout program so this week get one or two exercise practices in. Try a Be Fit workout and see what you think.

You can also go to your exercise game page and choose a goal for the month. click here


Make this fun!

Movement practice question:

“Why am I enjoying moving my body every? Why does it feel sooooo good?”

Quick: Ask the right Questions

Ask yourself the right Questions will change everything and start synching your heart and your mind.

Ask questions that lead your heart and mind to want the same outcome!

“Why is this getting easier and easier for me?”

It will feel different and that’s the point!

Let yourself feel safe in feeling different.

You can do this!

Victory: Visualize what your life will look like

Use creation book to guide you on your journey to live in a body you love.

Creation Book Stage One

Write in your journal daily to acknowledge what you’ve done well and start seeing yourself living in a body you love!

You don’t have to print out your book. You can simply get a notebook and use that.

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