Welcome to Week Sixteen of your program!

Checking In

How was your week?
What were successes?
Did you have any challenges?
Is there anything else you want to tell me?


You are on a journey of awakening.

At this time in history, the earth and humanity are going through a time of awakening to who we really are.

Your job is to awaken to your own personal journey of emotional transformation.

You do that by exploring who you are and having compassion, love, and forgiveness for yourself and others.

Steps to Awaken:

  • Recognize the age of your emotional body that keeps you overweight
  • Have compassion for yourself at the age for what you went through that caused the emotion and behavior
  • Forgive yourself for not understanding how this emotion and behavior would affect your entire life
  • Forgive anyone involved in having created the experience that created the emotion in the first place
  • When the emotion comes in and you’re enticed to do the conditioned behavior, pause, breathe and feel love and compassion for yourself and the age that is coming through you.
  • Remember this is only a memorized conditioning in your cells and body it is not you. It is there to give the opportunity to emotionally expand.
  • Do something loving and supportive for yourself that doesn’t involve food
  • Celebrate your journey of awakening

Awakening your spirit takes practice, patience, and love. It’s why your spirit was born into your body at this time in history to your parents in this part of the world.

Nothing is a mistake or accident.

Everything you’ve been through has created your personality.

Acknowledge all that you are and start to appreciate yourself more than you ever have before.

Admire Yourself For Having Survived Your Childhood.

Really look at your life and admire it.

This will take practice because you’re used to putting yourself done and thinking of what you do that isn’t right.

Start with compassion and forgiveness. Then, move toward love.

You are meant to go through this journey toward living in a body you love and experience all the pain and joy that goes with a hero’s triumphs.

You can do this!

Letter To Your Little Girl

Your little girl went through a lot.

She only wanted to be loved, feel like she fit in and to be secure.

The emotional traumas she experienced created patterns in your brain that created behaviors that you are still doing today.

Acknowledge the event your little girl experienced.

Send her love and compassion.

Then, forgive the situation and people that created it.

Everyone was doing the best they could having their own emotional traumas to deal with at the time.

When you have compassion for your little and forgiveness for the event it no longer has the same hold over you. You then can start to create something new for yourself.


Write a letter to your little girl and let her know that what she went through was not okay. That you’re sorry she had to experience that. Tell her that she’s safe now and you’re not going to let anything bad happen to her. Let her know you see her just as she is and that she is beautiful and perfect.

Acknowledge the people in the event and forgive them in your letter. Tell them you know they also experienced emotional trauma and that they were meant to come into your life at that time. Nothing was a mistake.

This is an opportunity of awakening to emotionally expand toward love, compassion, and forgiveness. It’s one reason you came into your human body.

You’re meant to move through your past traumas and live in a body you love!

Understanding Food

Food is meant to do the following:

  • Gives you energy
  • Gives you mental clarity
  • Supports your systems to run optimally
  • Repairs your tissue
  • Supports your mood

The Food You Choose Moves You Toward Health & Happiness Or Sick And Depression.

Use this check-off list to guide you toward foods that support you living in a body you love.

Nutrition check Off Plan For Energy and Weight Loss

Start to understand the food you’re eating versus grabbing whatever is most convenient because you’re hungry.

Here are some nutrition suggestions…

Weight Release Nutrition Suggestions

Your body is giving you experiences that your soul would never have. It is a gift!

Without a body, you would never be able to…

  • Hug your family and friends
  • Experience fun excursions (hiking, biking, sailing, etc)
  • Experience pleasure
  • Pick-up children, pets and things you like
  • Smell roses
  • See sunsets
  • And more

Honor your body and support it and you will have an Amazing life journey!

You deserve that!

Daily Practices

Mirror Practice: 

See yourself before you came here to earth. See how you accepted this journey knowing that you’d have emotional challenges and pain. You knew that your soul would move toward love and forgiveness of yourself and others. It wouldn’t be easy but you knew you could do it!

Say this as you look at yourself in the mirror:

“I’m going to let you feel whatever you feel without making you wrong. We’re going to evolve together.”

Shower Practice:

As you wash in the shower be grateful for what your body has done for you. For instance, all the times your arms have hugged your loved ones, your hands have cooked meals, your legs have gotten on and off seats, your feet have climbed thousands of stairs and walk miles and miles during your life.

Let it be a time of gratitude for what your body has and can do for you. ENJOY YOUR SHOWER! Let yourself Feel Good!

Nightly Journal:

It’s VERY important to get into a high vibrational feeling before you go to bed so you will wake up there! Before you go to bed each night write or say out loud at least one to two things you can appreciate about yourself.

Your goal is to go to bed in a feel-good emotional vibrational state so you wake up there!

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