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Checking In
  • How was your week?
  • What were successes?
  • Did you have any challenges?
  • Is there anything else you want to tell me?
What's Next?

You have 3 options to continue working with me:

    1. Weekly Group Check-In and Meditation (30-40 minute)
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      • 20-minute meditation to keep you on track
      • Daily text inspirations and practices
      • Facebook support
      • Full access to online Be Fit workout program
      • $64/mo ($16/week)
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    2. Private Sessions: Email me click here
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The Art of Accepting ALL Of You!

Our Feelings Are Not Negative or Positive.

Feelings are simply a barometer that tells you if you are lined up with who you truly are and moving toward the emotional expansion your soul came here for or are you stuck in the DRAMA of being human. 

If you sit in the feeling without paying attention to transformational experience you can have through it, you will FOREVER be its slave!

When you are a slave to your emotions you feel HOPELESS!

When you pay attention to the emotion and start to see it as a memorized pattern that is here to give you the Opportunity of emotional expansion, your life will change.

How do you do this?

You do this with practice, patience, and compassion.

First, you must release what your Ego believes is YOU.

Your Ego will want to fight you and tell you…

“NO, this is who you are!”

You must be willing to see yourself from a new light.

The emotion that there is something wrong with you was programmed into every cell of your body when you were a child.

This is NOT who you are!

Your soul has come to the planet at this time in history to transform from the trauma and drama you’ve experienced into who you’ve always wanted to be…a woman who loves her body and herself fully. You deserve that!

You are a light being whose essence is love.

Everything you’ve been through was set-up so your spirit can emotionally expand and move toward love.

Your Memorized Patterns That make You Feel Stuck Are Not Real!

They were created from your childhood and your emotional body can still be at the age that created the memorized patterns.

Therefore you need to help the child inside you get what she needed. She needs the adult you to help her if you’re willing.

Help Your Inner-Child Get What She Needed

There are things your inner-child didn’t get when she was growing up due to the trauma she experienced.

To help her heal and move toward love do this practice:

  • Get a copy of a picture when you were around the age when the trauma happened.
  • Look at the picture every morning and think of one thing you can appreciate about her.
  • Tell her what she needed to hear from an adult that she didn’t hear.
  • Before you go to bed look at the picture again and praise the little girl (you) in the picture. Tell her you’re never going to leave her and that she’s safe and precious.

This Practice Will Change Your Life If You Let It.

It’s time to heal the child in you.

You can do this!

Enjoy and Trust Yourself Around Food

The most powerful question to guide you in your food choices is…

What is going to leave me feeling good in my body and about myself?

Follow your intuition.

When you feel stuck or tired use the count-down method of 5…4…3…2…1 and immediately do what your intuition tells you to do after the magic question above. DO NOT HESITATE!

Let the knew feeling toward food become what feels normal to you and you will be living in a body you love!

Top Tips To Remember From Your Program
  • If you have struggled with your weight most of your life, there was emotional trauma in your past that created an emotional block to love and that has been running your life ever since.
  • To release the block you must fully accept the feeling of the trauma without trying to fix it or make it wrong.
    • Accept it is a part of you
    • Breath into it and let it fully expand throughout your body
    • When you feel it dissolving do the next step
  • Think of the opposite feeling to the trauma and find ways in your life where you have that. For example, if you feel anxious, think of a time in your life where you have felt safe and relaxed and focus on that until you feel the emotion enter your body.
  • Have compassion for yourself.
  • Trust your life is exactly as it should be and there is NOTHING wrong with you! What if your soul created everything you’ve experienced and its agenda is right on track?


Last Q and A

Daily Transformation Actions: Hero Means Me Victory Sounds Good
Hero: Hydrate

Water Heals, Supports and Help You Release Inches!

Practice drinking 1/2 your body weight in ounces each day.

Means: Move 10-Min Most Days

Most days move your body for at least 10-minutes.

What does movement do for your body?

  • Helps your food digest
  • Increases your mood and mental health
  • Releases stress
  • Supports weight loss
  • Helps your memory and brain function
  • Supports better sleep
  • Increases metabolism
  • Increases your energy
  • And More!

It doesn’t matter if you walk around your house for 10-minutes, jump on a trampoline, dance, take a walk around your neighborhood.

Do ANY kind of movement you want for 10-minutes or more most days of the week.

Use your Exercise Library on the Be Fit program.

You can even log this on your exercise game page and watch yourself move up the scale. =)

Enjoy the movement. You don’t have to do this…You get too!

Look forward to doing this. The memorized emotional addictions you have toward exercise will come up when you think about this practice. If they are not feel good emotions, remember that is not who you are. That is ONLY what feels normal.

Play a different game with yourself around exercise and get EXCITED that you GET to move your body! You don’t have to. You GET Too! Oh Yeah!

Put on your favorite music as you move and have fun!

Me: Mirror Practice
Mirror PracticeEvery time you look in the mirror look at your body with appreciation that it allows you to have this human experience.

Say out loud or to yourself, “I’m ready to enjoy my life and be partners. We can do this together!”

Then, RELAX! =)

Note: If you notice yourself looking at something you don’t like, remind yourself that is just a memorized pattern. It’s not who you are choosing to be any longer.

Victory: Visualize and/or Journal
woman release from pain

It’s VERY important to allow yourself to see what you’re creating.

You move toward a body you don’t love unconsciously when you feel unloving feelings. Those unloving feelings create pictures in your mind that become your life.

Before you get out of bed in the morning and before you go to sleep each night journal, say out loud or simply visualize your life as if you’ve been living in a body you love for the past 5-years!

What do you see?

Create stories in your mind that you could write down or share with someone. The more specific the better. Allow the feeling of this new life to enter your body.

Do these 3 P’s: 

  • Pretend
  • Practice
  • Patience

You can do this! Your life is changing! Allow the vision to become you!

Sounds: Shower Practice
Shower PracticeAs you wash in the shower be grateful for what your body has done for you.

For instance, all the times your arms have hugged your loved ones, your hands have cooked meals, your legs have gotten on and off seats, your feet have climbed thousands of stairs and walk miles and miles during your life.

Let it be a time of gratitude for what your body has and can do for you. ENJOY YOUR SHOWER!

Give Yourself Permission To Feel Good!

Good: Gratitude and Gut Health


Gratitude is a wonderful high-frequency feeling that moves you easily toward a body you love!

You can feel gratitude for ANYTHING!

Here are some ideas:

  • A special friend
  • Pet
  • Home
  • Vacation you went on
  • Piece of clothing or other item
  • Beautiful picture, yard or art piece

It doesn’t matter what you’re grateful for just that you allow the feeling into your body.

Gut Health

How Your Gut Supports Your Health and Mood 

Your Gut…

  • Is 70% responsible for the health of your immune system
  • Produces 95% of your serotonin (good feeling hormone)
  • Is known as your 2nd brain and has millions of nerve cells & neurons. (Ever heard, “Go with your gut”?)
  • Absorbs vitamins and minerals
  • Keeps your metabolism healthy so weight is released easily

Bottom Line:

Gut Health Is Crucial If You Want To Live In A Body You Love.

Products and habits that support gut health include:

  • Cleanse your colon and start fresh click here
  • Support good gut bacteria with Probiotics + Prebiotics click here
  • Support your gut with digestive enzymes with most meals especially dinner click here
  • Restore your gut lining and support healing leaky gut click here
  • Chew your food until it’s a shake consistency in your mouth

When your gut health is optimal sugar cravings will be a thing of the past. You’ll have better focus and better able to allow yourself to feel happy!

You deserve that!


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