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  • Your Soul’s Journey
  • Two Most Important Energy Centers
  • Count Down Method
  • Making Health and Eating Easy
How You Manifest Your Life

How You Manifest Your Life

You manifest your life through the frequencies of your energy centers.

Your chakras/energy centers are wheels in constant motion giving you signals about what you are creating.


  1. Root chakra grounds you and helps you feel safe
  2. Sacral chakra creates polarity of both positive and negative frequencies that moves you forward. This is also the place of self-love and feelings about yourself.
  3. Solar Plexus is how you feel about yourself in relation to others in the world. This is also the area where you will feel the effects of varies causes in your life.
  4. Heart Chakra creates the rhythm of your life and is where the frequency of love is rooted.
  5. Throat Chakra is where you vibrate what you think and feel into the field of all possibilities through your words.
  6. Third Eye chakra is where you see and hear both the positive and negative aspects in your life and discover who you are through those experiences. It is also the place that shows you what is on the outside is also on the inside.
  7. Crown Chakra connects you to the filed of infinite possibilities. The words you say and the pictures in your mind are leading you on the journey of your life.

EVERY Challenge You’ve Ever Experienced Was NOT Done to Make Your Life Miserable.

It Was Done To allow You To Grow and Discover Who You Are! 

If Life Were Perfect, You Would Not Grow and Learn About Yourself. 

To balance your energy centers notice what chakra you’re dealing with.

If you…

  • Don’t feel safe, your root chakra is out of balance.
  • Are not feeling good about yourself, your sacral chakra is out of balance.
  • Feel challenged in relationships, your solar plexus is out of balance.
  • Are not feeling balanced in your life rhythm, you heart chakra is out of balance.
  • Are not speaking your truth and being authentic with your words, your throat chakra is out of balance.
  • Are seeing negative experiences as bad or wrong and are not trusting in life, your third eye may be out of balance.
  • Don’t feel connected to something great than your ego or you’re feeling alone, your crown chakra may be out of balance.

To balance your energy center, put your hand on the center that needs to be balanced. Close your eyes and feel into the emotion you have there without making it wrong or trying to fix it. Breath into the feeling until it starts to change. Then focus on the feeling that is associated with that chakra ask your guides to help you bring this energy center back into balance.

The feelings that balance your energy centers include:

  1. Root Chakra: I feel Safe
  2. Sacral Chakra: I feel Self-love and confident
  3. Solar Plexus: I am confident being myself in the world. I don’t have to fix anyone or make them wrong. I honor free will.
  4. Heart Chakra: I honor my life rhythm and stay in balance
  5. Throat Chakra: I speak my truth and am guided by my feelings
  6. Third Eye: I see negative and positive as the way my life moves forward. I trust life.
  7. Crown Chakra: I am connected to all possibilities of life.

Let It Be Okay To Be YOU!

When this practice becomes what you do all the time you will be creating a life you love. You can do this!

Trauma Creates Emotional Addictions

What is an emotional block?

An emotional block is when you go through a trauma that you don’t do the following with:

  • Express emotionally
  • Experience
  • Witness
  • Honor

When this happens the emotion gets stuck in your body and closes you off to experiencing something like that again.

Emotional blocks can keep you from living and reaching your dreams, finding the love you want, emotionally connecting with others and fully feeling your feelings.

Here is what it looks like:


  • Go through a trauma
  • Want to push it away and not experience it
  • Now hold unfulfilled and unwitnessed emotions, conversations and energy in your body

Your emotional blocks are part of your life’s lessons. Because of that your emotional blocks will stay in your body and wait to show-up again so you’ll get the experience.

An emotional block in your body will set-up rules and boundaries to keep you protected around similar situations and people that created the trauma you experienced. For instance, if you were told that you eat too much and were shamed for it, you may have created a rule that you need to hide food and that you can’t eat what you want in front of people. You may have a boundary that you don’t talk about food with others.

The sad thing is that you didn’t learn the life lesson and are now blocking yourself from experiencing love or affection that having gone through the life lesson would have given you.

The key to releasing emotional blockages is Acceptance and Forgiveness.

What do you need to forgive?

You need to forgive…

  • Yourself
  • Anyone in the experience
  • Your spirit
  • Your guides and angles
  • The actual experience (It takes on a presence that lives inside you.)

After you forgive and fully feel the forgiveness in your body, give gratitude to the event for being an experience in your life that has created who you are today. Send high vibrations to the event.

Honor the people in the event as soul contractor partners who decided on a higher level before you were born that this experience would be a major event in your life.

You do not get rid of the emotional blockage…

You allow it to release from your body.

Meditation Click Here

Do you believe you can live in a body you love?

Do you understand the vibration of living in a body you love?

All the actions you do are the reactions from the vibration you are holding in your body right now.

You are a spiritual being who chose to experience your life EXACTLY as it is and has been!

There Are No Mistakes.

What if EVERYTHING you’ve been through was planned so you could move toward love and forgiveness if you are willing?

You can do this!

Ask Your Guides/Angels For Help

You are not alone!

Your guides and angels can only help if you ask and it’s best to ask out-loud.

Remember your Body You Love prayer and use it often. It will support you.

Live In A Body You Love Daily Prayerv5

Your journey is easier with help.

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What's Next?

Michelle MelendezIf you’re ready to be complete with my support, I wish you the best on your life journey. Thank you so much for joining me! =)

If you’d like to continue weekly support, I have two options:

Option #1: Weekly Group Meditation and Check-In

Program Includes:

  • 10-20 minute check-in to see how your week is going and what you need support with or want to celebrate!
  • 20+ minute meditation to raise your emotional vibration and keep you moving toward a body you love more and more each week!
  • Full access to the online Be Fit exercise program

Sessions are Thursdays at 6pm PST (Recordings Available)

$64/mo ($16/week) To Join Click Here!

Option #2: Private Support

If you’d like to have private support with me weekly to go over your personal challenges and together create a program that moves you toward a body you love, let’s chat one-on-one to discuss a personal program. Please get on my calendar click here 

Option #3: Take the End Dieting Hell Program in January and SAVE $1000

If you’d like to go through this program again, you’re invited to take the program for only $495 instead of the current rate of $1495. Email me and I will send you the discount code. [email protected].

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Daily Integration Actions: Hero Means Me Quick Victory Sounds Good
Daily Practices (Each takes less than 1-2 min)

Hero: Hydrate

Water Heals, Supports and Help You Release Inches!

Practice drinking 1/2 your body weight in ounces each day.

Means: Move 10-Min Most Days

Most days move your body for at least 10-minutes.

What does movement do for your body?

  • Helps your food digest
  • Increases your mood and mental health
  • Releases stress
  • Supports weight loss
  • Helps your memory and brain function
  • Supports better sleep
  • Increases metabolism
  • Increases your energy
  • And More!

It doesn’t matter if you walk around your house for 10-minutes, jump on a trampoline, dance, take a walk around your neighborhood.

Do ANY kind of movement you want for 10-minutes or more most days of the week.

Use your Exercise Library on the Be Fit program.

You can even log this on your exercise game page and watch yourself move up the scale. =)

Enjoy the movement. You don’t have to do this…You get too!

Look forward to doing this. The memorized emotional addictions you have toward exercise will come up when you think about this practice. If they are not feel good emotions, remember that is not who you are. That is ONLY what feels normal.

Play a different game with yourself around exercise and get EXCITED that you GET to move your body! You don’t have to. You GET Too! Oh Yeah!

Put on your favorite music as you move and have fun!

Me: Mirror Practice
Mirror PracticeEvery time you look in the mirror look at your body with appreciation that it allows you to have this human experience.

Say out loud or to yourself…

“I am infinite intelligence experiencing itself as me.

Why is living in a body I love getting easier and easier?”

Then, breathe and RELAX! =)

Note: If you notice yourself looking at something you don’t like, remind yourself that is just a memorized pattern. It’s not who you are choosing to be any longer.

Quick: Body You Love Integration Questions

Ask yourself the right Questions will change everything and start synching your heart and your mind.

Ask questions that lead your heart and mind to want the same outcome!

“Why is it getting easier to be kind to myself?”

“Why am I feeling like living in a body I love can be easy?”

“Why is it so much easier to eat in a way that leaves me feeling good about myself?”

“Why am I trusting myself more and more around food?”

It will feel different and that’s the point!

Let yourself feel safe in feeling different.

You can do this!

Victory: Visualize or Journal

woman writing on her note

Visualize: When you’re in bed visualize your next day by saying to yourself, “If I was living in a body I love for the past 5-years, what would my day look like tomorrow?”

See it! (What words and pictures would be in your mind about yourself?)

Hear it! (What are you saying to yourself? What are other people saying to you?)

Feel it! (How do you feel about yourself?)

Journal: Each night write down or think about the 3-5 things you did that left you feeling good in your body and about yourself. It’s VERY important to allow yourself to see how well you’re doing.

This Is The Foundation of Living In A Body You Love!

Acknowledging yourself will feel different. Let yourself feel different. It would support you tremendously to post what you’ve done well for the day on your private page click here! 

Let Us Celebrate You! 

Sounds: Shower Practice
Shower PracticeAs you wash in the shower be grateful for what your body has done for you.

For instance, all the times your arms have hugged your loved ones, your hands have cooked meals, your legs have gotten on and off seats, your feet have climbed thousands of stairs and walk miles and miles during your life.

Let it be a time of gratitude for what your body has and can do for you. ENJOY YOUR SHOWER!

Give Yourself Permission To Feel Good!

Good: Gut Health

If your gut is healthy, your body will naturally release inches, and you’ll feel great!

Maintain your gut health by healing and supporting your digestion.

  • Take a probiotic before bed or 3-hours after or before medication.
  • Take a digestive enzyme with at least dinner and preferable lunch and dinner.
  • Eat foods that support good gut health (fermented foods, fiber, greens)
  • Drink clean filtered water with lemon

A happy gut = A happy you!

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