Welcome to Week Eleven of your program!

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Daily Meditation for Week 11

  • Freedom from self-hatred
  • How you are different
  • Checked in on heart-based goal
  • Why you are here
Personal Check-In
  • Who drove your car this week?
  • How are your top habits transforming?
  • What are your successes and challenges?
  • What is your relationship with food now and what is one thing that can make it even better?
  • What relationship do you want to have with your body in 3-weeks?
Your Soul's Journey

Your Soul’s Journey of Emotional Expansion

  • Get curious about your emotional vibration as if you are outside yourself looking in.
  • Where did it come from?
  • Can you feel compassion for yourself for having created that emotion in your body from a past experience?
  • Can you give yourself a break and allow all your emotions to be welcomed in your body?
  • Can you feel that your Soul wanted to go on this journey of emotional expansion and chose all the major experience that have happened in your life?
Two Most Important Energy Centers

The two energy centers responsible for helping you live in a body you love are your first and 2nd centers or root and sacral chakra.

First Energy Center

Your first energy center helps you feel safe and grounded in the world. When this center has emotional trauma you will struggle with feeling safe.

Ways to feel safe include:

  • Getting into nature
  • Breathing deeply
  • Looking at how you are safe in the present moment
  • Trusting in a greater power
  • Trusting you’re meant to be here on earth

Second Energy Center

Your second energy center is your sacral chakra. This center is where your ovaries are. When this center is blocked by emotional trauma you will not feel good enough or that you matter in the world.

Ways to feel good enough:

  • Fully accept ALL of your personality!
  • Get to know who you are in the world and especially how you treat yourself. Acknowledge how you treat yourself is based on your past trauma. Don’t make it wrong AND start to see yourself in a new way.
  • Notice when you do things that are moving you toward a body you love and REALLY acknowledge yourself in a BIG way! You can jump up and down and get excited!
  • Do mirror practices daily
  • When you notice you’re putting yourself down don’t make that part of your wrong. Instead have compassion for that part of you that is doing that because of past trauma. Fully accept that part of you without going into the drama and believing it.
  • Let the sun shine on your face as you smile
  • Schedule pleasure (not food related) once a week and make YOU a priority

Acknowledging these two energy centers and opening them up through self-love and appreciation is crucial to living in a body you love.

Count Down Method

Your brain is designed to protect you.

When you hesitate before you do something that will lead you toward a body you love, the brain stops and reassess the action as an action that may cause you pain or discomfort.

For a while you will NOT feel like doing things that lead you toward a body you love.

Your brain isn’t programmed to do that so STOP waiting until you feel like it. That will not happen.

You are one decision away from a new life living in a body you love and loving the body you’re in!

You know what to do but can’t get yourself to do it!

If that’s you, practice this…

Count Down:


When you have a goal your brain will let you know what to do. Use the count down method to do it!

You have about a 5-second window where you can move into action before you sabotage yourself.

When you practice the count down method you will be unstoppable and live in a body you love!

This works because you are outsmarting your brain by having a higher-purpose.

When you count backwards you’re doing a pattern interrupt in your brain and are becoming the master of your life!

Interrupting your brain and awakens your prefrontal cortex which is the area in the brain that lights-up when you’re making new decisions and taking action.

Counting Down is used in…

  • The military to line troops up
  • To get kids to be quiet and do something together

You may never feel like doing things that move you toward a body you love. However, this practice is simple and will help you experience a new life in a body you love!

Doing this will help you trust yourself and have a new life!

(I learned this from Mel Robbins an author, and motivational speaker.)

Testimonial Request

It has taken me so many years to develop this program.

I’m so grateful you have gone on this journey with me!

It would mean a TON if you did a video testimonial for me.

You could record it on your phone and email it to me at [email protected].

Simply answer these 3-questions:

  • Before this program…
  • After this program…(include inches lost)
  • I would recommend this program to…

Much Mahalo!

Making Health and Eating Easy

You are emotionally and chemically addicted to the foods you eat.

Here are steps to make good health easy:

  1. Protein Shake: Have a protein shake you enjoy first thing in the morning and ANY time you get a sugar craving. Here is a healthy yummy one I get on Amazon “Raw Organic FIT Shake” click here
  2. Probiotics: Take a probiotic most days of the week until you are regular and then take it as needed. I take this one click here
  3. Digestive Enzyme: Take a digestive enzyme with most meals, especially dinner. Click here. 
  4. Daily Vitamin: I take Perque Life Guard vitamins. I do one in the morning and one in the afternoon or evening click here
  5. Omeg 3: Good fats are essential for good health. I take Omega 3’s with CoQ10. Click here

Nutrition Timing: 

    1. Breakfast: Protein shake and fruit with good fat. Unrefined Carbs can be goof for breakfast as well.
    2. Lunch: Unrefined Carbohydrates and veggies with good fat.
    3. Dinner: Protein and veggies. Keep unrefined carbs to a minimum. Include good fats.
    4. After dinner snack: Protein shake, dessert tea, Protein and good fat snack like nori wrap with hummus and avocado.

One FREE Day When Needed!

Question to ask yourself before each meal:

What is going to leave me feeling good in my body and about myself?

Are there any meals or foods you need support changing to honor your body?

Daily Integration Actions: Hero Means Me Quick Victory Sounds Good
Daily Practices (Each takes less than 1-2 min)

Hero: Hydrate

Water Heals, Supports and Help You Release Inches!

Practice drinking 1/2 your body weight in ounces each day.

Means: Move 10-Min Most Days

Most days move your body for at least 10-minutes.

What does movement do for your body?

  • Helps your food digest
  • Increases your mood and mental health
  • Releases stress
  • Supports weight loss
  • Helps your memory and brain function
  • Supports better sleep
  • Increases metabolism
  • Increases your energy
  • And More!

It doesn’t matter if you walk around your house for 10-minutes, jump on a trampoline, dance, take a walk around your neighborhood.

Do ANY kind of movement you want for 10-minutes or more most days of the week.

Use your Exercise Library on the Be Fit program.

You can even log this on your exercise game page and watch yourself move up the scale. =)

Enjoy the movement. You don’t have to do this…You get too!

Look forward to doing this. The memorized emotional addictions you have toward exercise will come up when you think about this practice. If they are not feel good emotions, remember that is not who you are. That is ONLY what feels normal.

Play a different game with yourself around exercise and get EXCITED that you GET to move your body! You don’t have to. You GET Too! Oh Yeah!

Put on your favorite music as you move and have fun!

Me: Mirror Practice
Mirror PracticeEvery time you look in the mirror look at your body with appreciation that it allows you to have this human experience.

Say out loud or to yourself…

“I am infinite intelligence experiencing itself as me.

Why is living in a body I love getting easier and easier?”

Then, breathe and RELAX! =)

Note: If you notice yourself looking at something you don’t like, remind yourself that is just a memorized pattern. It’s not who you are choosing to be any longer.

Quick: Body You Love Integration Questions

Ask yourself the right Questions will change everything and start synching your heart and your mind.

Ask questions that lead your heart and mind to want the same outcome!

“Why is it getting easier to be kind to myself?”

“Why am I feeling like living in a body I love can be easy?”

“Why is it so much easier to eat in a way that leaves me feeling good about myself?”

“Why am I trusting myself more and more around food?”

It will feel different and that’s the point!

Let yourself feel safe in feeling different.

You can do this!

Victory: Visualize or Journal

woman writing on her note

Visualize: When you’re in bed visualize your next day by saying to yourself, “If I was living in a body I love for the past 5-years, what would my day look like tomorrow?”

See it! (What words and pictures would be in your mind about yourself?)

Hear it! (What are you saying to yourself? What are other people saying to you?)

Feel it! (How do you feel about yourself?)

Journal: Each night write down or think about the 3-5 things you did that left you feeling good in your body and about yourself. It’s VERY important to allow yourself to see how well you’re doing.

This Is The Foundation of Living In A Body You Love!

Acknowledging yourself will feel different. Let yourself feel different. It would support you tremendously to post what you’ve done well for the day on your private page click here! 

Let Us Celebrate You! 

Sounds: Shower Practice
Shower PracticeAs you wash in the shower be grateful for what your body has done for you.

For instance, all the times your arms have hugged your loved ones, your hands have cooked meals, your legs have gotten on and off seats, your feet have climbed thousands of stairs and walk miles and miles during your life.

Let it be a time of gratitude for what your body has and can do for you. ENJOY YOUR SHOWER!

Give Yourself Permission To Feel Good!

Good: Gut Health

If your gut is healthy, your body will naturally release inches, and you’ll feel great!

Maintain your gut health by healing and supporting your digestion.

  • Take a probiotic before bed or 3-hours after or before medication.
  • Take a digestive enzyme with at least dinner and preferable lunch and dinner.
  • Eat foods that support good gut health (fermented foods, fiber, greens)
  • Drink clean filtered water with lemon

A happy gut = A happy you!

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