Welcome to Session Three Of Your…

Health and Healing Pillar

Today’s Tasks: 

#1: Review the Last Session

  • Summary
  • Celebrations & Challenges
  • Questions

#2: Recognize Memorized Pattern

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It is so easy to live your life being you!

You know how to be you in the morning and throughout your day.

Being you is only a memorized pattern in your body. Your body does you, very well. It can do you without a conscious thought. This is why you stay stuck in behaviors that don’t serve you.

The challenge is your body will want to continue its pattern of behavior and your mind and spirit will want a different outcome.

#3: True Transformation

True transformation is being in your life, in your house, with your family and friends and choosing new behaviors.

How do you do this when it doesn’t feel normal and your body is comfortable in the pattern?

Steps For Transformation:

  1. Awaken to the pattern: thoughts, actions, habits
  2. Notice they are only memorized patterns and do not have to be true for you
  3. Make a plan to have a new action and get excited when you accomplish this new action!
  4. Think to yourself, this is my new way of being

#4: Insights:

  • Create a plan you will enjoy. If you don’t like the plan, it’s not going to work.
  • Do a part of your daily routine differently. For example: Brush your teeth with your other hand; When you take a shower, reverse the way you wash your hair and body; Take a different route to work, even if it’s only a block difference. This will wake your conscious mind up and will start to create a new pattern in your brain.
  • Slow-Down: When you rush through life, your body gets to take over and run routines that are familiar to you.
  • Be Accountable: You’re 10x’s more likely to be successful when others have your back.
  • Celebrate without food! Celebrating by dancing to your favorite song. Dancing raising your vibration! Your body will remember that and want more! It can be a simple as jumping up and down to celebrate and then sharing that on our private FB page.
  • Know your Soul is on a journey. Your soul has been here for a while and if you are constantly coming up against obstacles, then there is a lesson that you are not seeing that needs to come to light. Look at your behaviors. Where do they come from? Is there someone you need to forgive? Do you need to love yourself more? What’s the lesson?
  • Forgive Yourself: Remember you’re human and forgive yourself for not being there today. Be easy about this. Take it one moment at a time.

“You More Than Anyone Deserve Your Love and Affection.” -Buddha

#5: Training Time

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You choose how long you wish you train each week, what days and what time.

Self-Esteem: 30-60 minutes of training a week with 2, Tone Your Body, Lift Your Mood practices and 1, Burn Your Fat, Free Your Heart practices.

Self-Confidence: 60-120 minutes of training a week with 2, Tone Your Body, Lift Your Mood practices and 1-2, Burn Your Fat, Free Your Heart practices. 

Self-Love: 120-160 minutes of training a week 2, Tone Your Body, Lift Your Mood practices and 2-3, Burn Your Fat, Free Your Heart practices.

Training is crucial for so many aspects of health and a few you may not know are self-esteem, self-love, self-confidence, releases stress and increases energy.

Let’s get Going!