Health and Healing Pillar Session Seven

Tasks Today:

  • Check-in with healing: Kayleen’s shoulder, meal plans and stress, Delan’s sleep, shoulder, eating.
    • What are you doing differently that is working?
    • What would you like support on?
  • Review Awaken and Transform Actions and Learnings


  • Finish Awake and Transformed in this Pillar!
    • What do you want your health to be for the next year?
    • What will you take responsibility for?
    • What actions are you choosing now that you didn’t before this pillar?
    • What do you like about your health now?
    • What have you learned about yourself in this pillar?
  • You are not a slave to your life patterns. They are only memorized behaviors. 
    • What new behaviors can we acknowledge you for?
    • What makes you feel good about these new behaviors?
    • What will you continue to do because this pillar?
  • Your life is a reflection of what you believe about yourself. It is a mirror. 
    • How do you feel about that statement?
    • What are you committed to for the last 2-weeks of this pillar?
  • Keys to health
    • Eating Healthy High Energy Food
    • Giving yourself and others a break
    • Not taking things personally
    • Self-Care
    • Loving your body and yourself as you are now
    • Thinking and speaking kindly to yourself
    • Forgiving yourself and others
    • Detoxing your body and your thoughts regularly
    • Giving Hugs and saying, “I love you”
    • Honoring yourself and your boundaries

Last comments

*Thoughts and feelings create attitude. Attitude creates beliefs. Beliefs create perception. Perception creates behavior. Behavior creates the body you’re in.

You will perceive what is familiar to you.

You filter out what is not familiar to you.

Beliefs are subconscious and when they are challenged that is when you look at the belief.

Beliefs come from past experiences. They are NOT who you are and have now weight against your self-worth. They are only thoughts that kept you safe when you where young.

What do you believe now about yourself that you didn’t before.

*Dr. Joe Despenza