Welcome to Session Four Of Your…

Health and Healing Pillar

Today’s Tasks:

#1: Review Month and Discuss Successes and Challenges

  • Summary
  • Challenges and Success
  • Review: Awaken and Transform Memorized Behaviors Click Here
  • Review: Accountability Sisters Click Here  (Option to play game)

#2: You Are the Hero Of Your Story Called: “The Quest To Live In A Body & Life I Love

  • In 1949 Joseph Campbell published his book, The Hero with a Thousand Faces. It was a study that compared mythology.
    • It is the structure of every Hollywood movie ever made since then.
      • Star Wars
      • This story structure appeals to use because they reflect what we all go through and strive to be and do. They answer questions like, “How can I overcome my life problems and be happy?”
    • It is a journey we all walk as we live our lives and moving toward what we want.
    • The structure includes how we work through our:
      • Fears
      •  weaknesses
      • Limitations
    • It is the study of Dr. Carl Jung who found that ancient myths repeat themselves in our dreams with what he calls archetypes. These archetypes can be known as the building blocks of the unconscious and collective mind.
      • Archetypes we want to focus on include:
        • Shadow/Nemesis (inferior aspect of yourself you like to hide from others)
        • Anima/Animus (our object of desire)
        • Hero
        • Mentor/Teacher
    • First Act: The hero (you) is living their life.
      • Ego and Weaknesses are revealed (5 transforming behaviors google doc)
      • Inciting Incident takes you on your quest (tragedy or intense desire)
      • Your choice to go on the Quest, which allows you to face your worst flaws and defeat them.
        • You must choose to take the journey or you will slip back into ego
        • Mentor arrives and gives you a talisman physical or non-physical (lightsaber, “You, more than anyone, deserve your love and affection” Buddha)
  • Second Act: New experiences that are exciting and challenging
    • You enjoy the idea of being someone new and feel victory can be yours
    • Nemesis arrives with his minions to block your victory.
      • They Include:
        • Ego
        • Fear of changing who you are
        • Stress
        • Worry
        • Frustration
        • Pride refusing to listen to the whispers of your soul to continue your quest to gain greater truth, love, and meaning.
    • When you, the hero, gain full self-acceptance through love and forgiveness your nemesis disappears.
      • Transcend your personal weaknesses by learning to accept and protect yourself to achieve your quest
      • Confront your nemesis and you will be healed through the struggle
    • Dark Night of the Soul
      • You realize that you may go your entire life not living in a body or life you love if you do not heal, awaken and transform this part of you
      • Facing your Nemesis
        • Your Nemesis is personalities you don’t like about yourself
        • You face these parts of yourself 3 ways:
          1. Find their purpose in your life. Appreciate them for serving you.
          2. Ask them to forgive you for making them wrong and putting them down. They were only trying to serve you.
          3. Ask them to come with you and be apart of a new experience that will honor the way they were serving you.
      • You drop your Ego of who you used to be and the flaws that keep you stuck and you gain insight into how to complete your quest and defeat the nemesis
      • The talisman from your mentor & your inner guidance (soul) give you what you need to complete your quest
  • Third Act: Final Showdown and Victory
    • This act starts with you, the hero, knowing what you must do. You’ve gone through the dark night of the soul and have discovered the solution to complete your quest.
    • You integrate your nemesis inside you instead of it being separate, made wrong and causing you to suffer
    • You are courageous and let go of what you used to see as your flaws and commit to living in a body and life you love
    •  Rely on your allies they are here to help you achieve victory. Your allies include:
      • Friends and mentors who support you
      • Parts of your personality that aid you in feeling strong, confident & brave
        • Humor
        • Cunning
        • Wisdom
        • Love
        • Confidence
        • Trust in yourself
    • Now you seize the treasure or valuable piece of knowledge that transforms your world
    • You return to your life transformed as the hero of your journey and improve it
    • The more you improve your world the stronger and more confident you become

#3: Dr. Michael Newton Model of the Afterlife

Brief background: Dr. Newton began working as a hypnotist in 1947, at the age of 15. Became a specialist in treating various psychological disorders through hypnotic suggestion. He didn’t believe in the afterlife and was a skeptic. In his cases, working with Near Death Experiences (NDE) he found that everyone went through the same stages of events in the same order. His book: Memories of the Afterlife click here

Stage Steven: Life Selection

You return to move through the lessons of your soul and expand your spirit. That is why you must return.

Ring of Destiny: You think positively and are excited about your spiritual growth. You can choose from different times in history and see even the events that will happen in your lifetime such as illnesses, difficulties or injuries. These events are meant to help your spirit expand and grow.

You see the choices places in front of you but you do not see the decisions you will make because you do not know what your personality will be and you cannot see the consequences of your decisions.

Your soul came in with the highest and best of intentions

Stage Eight: Choosing a New Body

You were presented with various bodies. You can see how it will look, feel, function and think as you age. Your body is the product of a careful soul choice so you can have a human experience and expand spiritually. You did not rush the decision to live in the body you have. You knew what your body would go through but didn’t know how it would create your personality.

All bodies have difficulties and challenges no matter what they look like.

The bodies with the most physical difficulties nearly always end up accelerating spiritual growth.