Health and Healing Session 5

Check in with healing

  • Kayleen: Shoulder
  • Delan: Sleep & shoulder

Check in with Transforming Memorized Behaviors Click Here

  • What new activities are you doing in Act 2 of your journey?
  • Create new plans if needed

Deepak Chopra’s 6 Pillars of Health:

  1. Sleep
  2. Meditation
  3. Nutrition
  4. Water
  5. Thoughts & Feelings
  6. Grounding

Where are you with each pillar?

Eating, Emotions & Energy

Are you eating for happy feelings or sad feelings?

Are you eating the same as you always have or are you having new experiences?

Does the food you eat leave you feeling good in your body and about yourself?

Do you feel energized or tired after you eat?

Understanding Food

Carbs: Carbs give you energy and if you are not doing an exercise activity, you don’t need that much energy. If you don’t burn the energy you eat from carbs, it gets stored as fat. When you eat processed carbs it will store as fat in your body, affect your emotions negatively and drain your energy. The extra sugar from excess carbs will also develop Advanced Glycation End (AGE) products, which cause advanced aging. Click Here To Review

If you don’t metabolize Carbs well enough in your body and you eat too many, you may be overweight, create inflammation, have low energy and on your way to disease.

Good Fat: Store vitamins and many hormones are synthesized in fat. Good fat helps with brain function and energy. Will keep you satiated for a long period of time.

Lean Protein: Builds and repairs ALL tissue. It takes more calories for your body to break down lean protein than the calories in the protein.

*Plant Food: Contain micronutrients (pre-biotics) & fiber to feed our microbes. 99% of your genetic material is microbial. They make most of your neurotransmitters in both your brain and heart and keep your gut healthy and keep it from leaking. They support your body in many ways. Many issues with health and the brain may be associated with not eating enough fiber and micronutrients because they are making our neurotransmitters.

Recommended eating 1lb of plant food a day.

Example of Daily Meals (Organic, NON-GMO):

Breakfast: Green Shake with berries + slice of almond bread

Lunch: Big Salad with lean protein, good fat + fermented foods: olives, pickles, sour kraut

Dinner: Slow cooker with tons of veggies, lean protein + good fat (makes lots of leftovers)

Indian and Mexican spices help keep you satisfied and keep your brain health.

*Plant Plus Diet Solution by Joan Borysenko Ph.D.

Balance & Stress/Trauma

You will not ever have complete balance in your life but you can have downtime to help regulate your nervous system by getting in nature and grounding, light exercise, 10-minutes of meditation, 1-2 minutes of light therapy.

Are you experiencing a lot of stress?

Chronic Looping Stress: Can be from past trauma. Small stresses get magnified. Chronic stress leads to chronic inflammation and disease.

Trauma From Ancestors: You could have memorized feelings and energy from 4-5 generations back. An epigenetic inheritance is an event from a relative that affects your genes.

Epigenetics: Your environment affects your health.

What is your vision for the next 2-weeks?

2 thoughts on “healthandhealingsessionfive

  1. Michelle says:

    Delan: Better sleep, Better food intake, Kind to self: to me, from me, love

    Kayleen: Different veggies, different food, walking treadmill, more cardio,

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