Hawaii Freedom Action For This Week! 

(Our Keiki Need ALL Of US! It’s GAME ON!!!)

Action #1: Contact the Governor!

Contact him at: 
Tell him…
  1. The U.S. Census Bureau shows that Hawaii has the LOWEST Covid deaths of ALL 50 states click here
  2. 29 States have lifted mask mandates. Hawaii should have been the FIRST! Click here
  3. Stop Vaccine Passport Immediately! It’s against the Constitution and should have NEVER been enacted! END THE PROGRAM NOW!

Action #2: Contact ALL Hawaii Schools And Demand They Unmask Our Keiki! Tell Them It Is Illegal To Mandate This Experimental Vaccine!

(Our Keiki Need ALL Of Us!!!)

Hawaii Schools To Contact:

Here is the list of schools to contact: HAWAII SCHOOLSv2
(Make a note of who’ve you’ve contacted. More are coming!)
Call each School and tell them: 
  • You are sending them a Notice of Liability where they can be personally liable if our keiki are injured physically or mentally by their complying to the unconstitutional mandates of masking our children!  
  • Remind them ANY of the following in your own words:
    • Our children have a God-given right to breathe fresh air! 
    • Masks DO NOT keep our children safe from viruses. They not only hinder our children’s health but have serious negative impacts on their emotions and mental health!
    • Children have a .003% chance of getting the virus and DO NOT spread it! 
    • The regular flu has killed more people than covid in the State of Hawaii every year for the past 6 years and Cancer and Heart disease are each more than 5X’s deadlier! This madness MUST END!
    • They CANNOT mandate an experimental vaccine. Even the CDC says that is illegal! (see proof below)
Send The Following by Mail and Email (Change anything you’d like): 
Subject: Notice of Liability for Your School’s Action Against Keiki
Aloha (name), 
I am a concerned parent sending you a Notice of Liability letting you know you could be liable for the harm to our keiki your school is causing. 
Masks are not meant to be worn long-term. God has given our keiki an immune system and cardiovascular system that both require fresh air! 
Please find the following attachments: 
  • Notice of Liability
  • Covid Deaths Compared to Other Illnesses
  • Face Mask Research from 1975-2020
  • The Efficacy of Face Masks
You can see for yourself what masks our doing to our children. Here is a video of a 10-year-old boy explaining to his school board, the harm masks are causing him and his friends. https://youtu.be/T6M6K4TA1L8
Here is a video with 25-year, Pediatrician, Dr. Angelina Farella. She is speaking to the Texas Senate about her concerns with the vaccine and children. https://youtu.be/mIPb0AtEvAE

You CANNOT mandate this vaccine! 

Please find the CDC quote explicitly saying this vaccine Cannot be mandated on page 56, 3rd paragraph: https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/acip/meetings/downloads/min-archive/min-2020-08-508.pdf 
You NOW have a choice to do the right thing and end this madness and harm against our keiki.
DO NOT allow mask mandates in our schools or a Vaccine Passport! Both go against our keiki’s rights and against their God-given body! 
(your name)
PS If this continues, legal action will be taken not only against the school but against you personally!
[Note: Add any personal story of your child’s experience wearing a mask all day! Mailing this letter will have the MOST powerful impact.]

To Send Click The PDFS Below and Download: 


Want your school on this list?

If you have a school we need to contact, send me the following info: 
  • School Name
  • Principal’s Name
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Address
Or email it to: [email protected]
Subject: Hawaii School to Add

This Will Take ALL of Us!

Yes, it will take time. About 20-30 minutes and our Keiki need us to do this for them! 
[Note: Some people have contacted me afraid to stand-up because of what other parents will think. The time is NOW to do what is right for your keiki regardless of other’s opinion!] 
Together We Will Bring Back Freedom And Safety For Our Keiki! 
Much Love and Aloha, 
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PSS Keep your body healthy! Supplements: Vitamin D3, Vitamin C, Cracked Cell Chlorella, Quercetin, Andrographis, Pine Needle Tea. Drink lots of water and eat live fruits and veggies.
PSSS DO NOT use hand sanitizer. It kills your good bacteria. Wash your hands with regular soap or natural hand sanitizer that is not anti-bacterial. Your body stays healthy because of your good bacteria!