Hawaii Freedom Actions

Date: April 13th 2021
Aloha Ohana, 
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Find the following in this email: 
  1. Support Ohana going into stores unmasked
  2. Message about Vax Passport from the Director of Communications Hawai‘i Tourism Association
  3. The Mantra I use before and going into stores unmasked
  4. Inspiring message to help you keep going
Hawaii Freedom Actions:
Help People Unmask!
Last Friday in Hilo, there were 20-30 people who had their Police Misconduct Complaint form Notarized! Yeah! This was against an officer who gave James Hobbs a “trespassing” violation at Island Naturals on 1/28/21.
The Island Naturals security guard assaulted Hobbs by handcuffing him and detaining him in a small office against his will. This happened because Hobbs’s mask kept falling to the end of his nose. It wasn’t even below his nose.
Hobbs repeatedly told the officer he had been assaulted and detained against his will and was ignored
Freedom Action #1a: 
Call Island Naturals both in Hilo and Kona:
Ask for the manager and tell them how you feel about this situation.
Below are my talking points:
  • I’m not comfortable with a security guard being allowed to handcuff a customer and keep them against their will.
  • They are discriminating against people who cannot wear masks and that needs to STOP 
  • I will be letting my friends know about this incident.
  • I won’t shop there until they become Pono with ALL their customers.
Freedom Action #1b: 
Kona Bike Works wouldn’t serve a woman without a mask last Friday. Call the manager and ask them to not discriminate against their customers.  
Freedom Action #2: Appreciation/Mahalo
I shopped without a mask at the Captain Cook, Ace Hardware store yesterday (Monday). The manager asked me to put a mask on and I said, “I’m here in Aloha and I cannot wear a mask. Please do not discriminate against me.” She left me alone. 
Call the manager and tell them how much you appreciate them for letting a customer shop without a mask and notdiscriminating against them. Remind them how important it is that ALL customers be treated kindly without bias.  
[NOTE: If you have a mask story, send it to me. I’ll be putting this action out once a week. The more businesses that hear from us the better.]
Freedom Action #3: Vax Passport Update
Message from: 
Jared Ellis, Director of Communications Hawai‘i Tourism Association

Mobile: (808) 222-6523

Here is what Jared sent me:
To be clear, HLTA’s position has always been that vaccine passports are not mandatory, do not discriminate, and do not strip you of any inalienable rights.


Vaccine passports, as proposed by local government as well as other jurisdictions around the world, make it easier to travel without being subjected to ore-arrival testing or mandatory quarantine. Hawaii’s pre-arrival testing and quarantine mandate will remain in place as a public health safeguard for those travelers who have not yet been vaccinated or those who will opt to forgo vaccination altogether.

Finally, wearing a mask does not reduce oxygenation which has been proven countless times by numerous individuals.




Write and call Jared with your thoughts: 

Mobile: (808) 222-6523

Office: (808) 923-0407
His boss is Mufi Hannemann and can be reached at:
Call: 808-923-0407 
I’ll be researching the next actions to take with our government leaders this week. 
It may not feel like it, but the light and love of Source has won! That really is all there is. Stay on the ride with an open heart and spirit of Aloha. 
Much Love, 
PS The mantra I use as I go into stores unmasked is, “I am the light. I am the love. I am the truth.” I give the situation over to God and keep Aloha in my heart. 
PSS I watched the Matrix Revolution movie and felt the following to be so true: 
Smith: “Why? Why do you persist?”
Neo: “Because I choose to.”