Get Fit Live

Live Workout On Tuesdays!

Join Me Live Click Here

(LIVE video link will open when you click the link above.)

[IMPORTANT: Please download the zoom ap when it comes up. If you don’t, there could be issues with the audio. You can also use your smartphone.]


Workout Times:

8:50am-9am PST Foam Rolling 10-min session

9am- 9:40am PST Pilates Strength Training, Balance, Interval and Functional Movement

For your local time click here

Trouble getting on: 

If you can’t get on with the link above, do the following:

What you need for your training session:

Who can see you?

  • You will be able to see me and everyone else in the live session.
  • If your computer’s camera is on you, I will be able to see you as well as those joining us.
  • If you put something over your camera we can’t see you. I also won’t be able to correct your form. =(

Who is being recorded?

The workout is recorded with only me on the video.

Where does the workout go?

You can find all your “Get Fit Live” workouts under the “Exercise Library” above.

Let me know if you have any questions.

I hope to see you soon!

Your Fitness Ally,






PS Feel free to invite a friend or family member who lives anywhere in the world to join you! They’ll get 2-free weeks at Mahalo (thank you).