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MONEY MONDAY: Butt, Balance & Pilates
AFFIRMATIONS: Bring in more money and abundance
4pm, 5:20pm

TOGETHER TUESDAY: Arms, Back & Pilates
AFFIRMATIONS: Create better relationships
9am, 5:20pm
WORLD  HEALING WEDNESDAY: Thighs, Fat Burning Intervals & Pilates
AFFIRMATIONS: Heal the planet and our hearts
9am, 12:10pm & 4pm
TRUSTING THURSDAY: Chest, Arms & Pilates
AFFIRMATIONS: Trust that you are taken care of & on the right path
9am, 5:20pm
FREEDOM FRIDAY: Functional Movement, Fat Burning Intervals, Balance & Pilates
AFFIRMATIONS: All people are free, safe and at peace
9am & 12:10pm
FIRST SATURDAY OF THE MONTH: Full-Body Toning, Fat Burning Intervals & Pilates
AFFIRMATIONS: Create a joyful and easy month with synchronicity and love
9am PST 

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42 thoughts on “GetFitLiveClassesLink

  1. Dina Melucci says:

    Awesome! So, I have severe Fibromyalgia and CFS. Also Scoliosis , sacroileitis, and mild ankolosing sponlynditis. (I can’t remember the rest). I can’t keep up with the speed of he reps. Thanks!

    • Michelle says:

      Hi Dina,
      Thank you so much for your feedback. I will incorporate slower movements throughout the class. I’d recommend doing the class at your pace and feeling into the affirmations and practice getting out of your thoughts of what you can’t do. It’s so easy to notice things you can’t do when in a group class. Look at the class and ask, “What I can do that she’s doing right now?” Let your unconscious direct you to the exercises in class that are best for you.

      I also have scoliosis. That’s the reason I got into fitness. The exercises I did today, especially the core and back movements, really help with posture and releasing pain in the back. Thank you for joining me. =)

  2. Treeva says:

    Got your info kinda last minute….,then was late cause could only do 4 pm today and then didn’t realize I would need to reload zoom…..almost said to heck with it…so glad I didn’t . …don’t know how I got an email from you but glad that I did . ….my friend works til 5 every day but would probably love this too….is there a way she could play at night if she joined?

    • Michelle says:

      Yes, I’m working on my member site and all of these workouts will be available on it. You’ll get info on that next week. =)

  3. Treeva says:

    Ok, now I got goose bumps…just read Dina have
    Similar issues as I . ..and then that YOU also have scoliosis . ….I quit exercising a few years ago
    Because of that and switched to yoga but I need strength training….this is a sprit thing for me….very synchronistic . …love your attitude and agree with the whole affirmations having power added to them whist we exercise and then on top of it…power in numbers…you’re pure genius . …blessed to meet you, blessed to be here ♡ Namaste, Treeva

    • Michelle says:

      Thank you Treeva. I’m glad you’re here too. =) If you scroll up and click on “Michelle’s Story” you’ll be able to watch my whole story with growing up with scoliosis. I’m glad your doing these workouts and yes, you very much need strength training…All women do. I’ll see you soon! =)

  4. Ana Tejada says:

    The session was amazing. this was the first day I’ve been able to join since most sessions are during my work hours.

    I love that you teach different levels for each exercise since this makes it easier for us to stick to the session. Sometimes toward the end the session exercises get a bit more difficult to do, and if the three options were available some of us might quit due to the difficultly.

    Thank you very much! 🙂

  5. Treeva says:

    I totally agree with Ana, I need the different levels !
    I just started watching your video to find out about you and have to thank you
    For the laughs cause my breast have been lopsided also but I thought it was my imagination until
    It was pointed out to me at 17 that they were different BUT I never tripped on it, my issue was
    Getting teased in 7th grade for big breast and skinny legs, comments about doppling
    Over danger which lead to me wearing loose clothing and jeans versus skirts the rest of school.
    Always covering my body and actually trying TO GAIN weight. Well I got my wish 10 years ago when
    Menopause hit and I yoyo…..then pretty even for some time until I had issues with neck and had to
    Quit work to do something less physical . …I’ve been sitting on my derier’ more in last 2 years than I ever have in my life and now for the first time I have STUBBORN belly fat that feels different than any other time that I’ve gained weight in past ….so I’m concerned but optimistic as usual but also a procrastinator of sorts…..but also LOVE multitasking and am already doing affirmations for the planet daily so your class is a win win win…I am excited to begin☺ Didn’t have time to finish video but will tomorrow . …THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH …..LOVE you/your class ♡

  6. Ana Tejada says:

    Day two for me and I’m loving it. I’m sore from yesterdays leg workout and thought “oh no how will I manage today” but during the workout I was able to alternate between squat and still standing while doing the arm workouts. Love the three levels for each workout. Gives me the confidence to start at a higher level and the option to drop back down to a lower level if it gets difficult. I’m surprised at how much I can actually do. 🙂

  7. Holly says:

    Thanks Michelle! Loved this workout. I enjoy the combination of stretching, weights, and positive affirmations. I feel like my little muscles got stretches they never knew the needed. I feel all warmed up, it is a very nice feeling. The workout wasn’t overly challenging, which tends to be the case with a lot of workout videos in my library. The length was perfect. This was my first workout so far.

    • Michelle says:

      Thank you for your comment, Holly! =) I’m so glad to read that you enjoyed the workout and it wasn’t too much, that’s why I teach in levels of 3. I specialize in training women in the areas we need as we age. Stick with it and you’ll notice you have a strong, vibrant, energetic body that takes you through this amazing adventure we call life. =)

  8. Treeva says:

    Thanks for another excellent workout, today I wasn’t able to keep up.
    10 years ago that would have me quit but now I just honor my body and rest
    While doing the affirmation and being thankful that I’ve grown wiser and KNOW this
    Burn is just a sign of how far I let myself go and NEED to be here instead of a little yoga
    Or just walking . Thanks.

    • Michelle says:

      Thank you so much for your comment. =) That is wonderful that you honored your body and rested. Doing that and not quitting will get there sister. =)

  9. Ana Tejada says:

    Balance has always been difficult for me but the pointer to keep our big toe down definitely helped.

    That was great did it on my lunch break. Now I will go have a vegan protein shake, some fruits and a salad. I know I wont be sleepy after lunch today ;p

    I feel great after every workout, even the soreness feels good since its a sign I’m doing something great for my body and mind. 🙂
    Than you very much for having this program, Its awesome and I love it! 🙂

  10. Diane says:

    Awesome class- Freedom Friday! Just enough challenge. Loved the functional exercises. The affirmations made me feel safe and secure and made me appreciate my body and the world I live in! Thank you!!!

  11. Barbara says:

    Thanks for another great class. Did Freedom Friday in replay. Just what I needed. balance & functional movement. The affirmations helps your body & mind.

  12. Susan says:

    Yay!! Loved it! I can’t wait until I gain more mobility, become more limber. Thank you, it was so nice that I could see you AND you could see me. It felt like we were workout partners, which makes it so much more fun!! And the affirmations are a treasure. So often I focus on the negative voice, and it feels so much better to focus on the positive! Thank you, thank you!!!

    • Michelle says:

      That’s one reason I’m offering live classes! =) I love seeing the sisters who join me. I’m so glad you were there and yes, those affirmations will change your life. See you soon!

  13. kiki says:

    Thank you! wish I could join live but my schedule changes all the time… so I was really happy when I saw the recordings 😉
    Thanks again for doing this and for the light and joy you bring in all your workouts!!!

  14. Ana Tejada says:

    Great Together Tuesday. Was feeling under the weather today but decided to still join the session even if I would do only level one throughout the entire session but once I started I even forgot I wasn’t feeling great. it was perfect , loved the stretches for my achy body.

    Thank you very much. 🙂

    • Michelle says:

      Yeah! I’m so glad you joined! =) You forgot how you were feeling because you got out of your head. That is another benefit of workouts. Oh yeah. =) Thanks again for joining.

  15. Barbara says:

    The workout was great!!! I need to get a stronger back. The abs are a killer, but they’re get to get better abs, which I need. I can’t do a downward dog. Can’t hold my head down. Need modifications for this.

    • Michelle says:

      Thank you for letting me know this Barbara. I will give you a modification next time. I have 2 good ones. =) I’m so glad you’re training with me. These exercises are sooooo good for you. =)

  16. Ana Tejada says:

    WORLD HEALING WEDNESDAY was amazing. Love the affirmations and the stories 😉 30 minutes pass by in no time while I’m enjoying the workouts.

    Happy Wednesday 🙂

  17. Ana Tejada says:

    Great workout on trusting Thursday. My arms feel like spaghetti since I tried to stick to level 3 during the entire session. ;p

    Love how the story tied in to trusting which helps us understand the power of affirmation and positive thinking.

    Feel Great Thank you very much for your time 🙂

  18. Treeva says:

    Thank you so much. Gone a few days because of old injury flared up in my hip.
    Finally remembered the tuning fork , so ready to TRY again. Looking forward to joining permanent class ….thanks
    For keeping it real and switching it up alot. Namaste, Treev☺ I can’t always keep up but am just glad to be
    Making the effort now versus procrastinating, or making excuses to myself like I can’t join class cause I didn’t have time to change clothes/footwear

  19. Holly says:

    I like that you start the class with “I get to do this workout…” Whenever I am having trouble I just keep moving or stretching and listen to the words you are staying and it is all positive and helps me feel happy. Thanks.

  20. Ana Tejada says:

    Thanks Michelle. The workouts during the free weeks were AMAZING and I’m happy to say that I will be join your Get Fit Program. I can’t even imagine not working out on a regular basis anymore. The way you teach is amazing and perfect fit for me. 🙂

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