Practice 13: Day 13

Hi Amazing ,

You are seriously Awesome, sweet sister. =)

7-more practices to go after today and you are Done!


  • Give you an easy nutrition tip to help you burn fat naturally, fight cancer, and feel Great!
  • Give you an emotional transformation practice to increase your confidence and self-love. Plus, get ready to have a better relationship with your body!

Easy Recipe That Fights Cancer

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Get ready for an Amazing healthy feeling! Yes!

Today’s or Tomorrow Morning’s Task :

Here is your Self-love shower practice.

Take an Appreciation shower!

Following these steps:

  1. As you shower appreciate all the areas you are washing by thinking of how they have supported you in your life.
  2. Wash your arms and think of the many people you have hugged, held or cooked for.
  3. Wash your neck and try and guess the number of hours it has held your head-up, allowed you to look around at the beautiful sky, up at the stars and around your home, etc.
  4. Wash your torso and think of how many times you’ve sat up in a chair, or car, moved in bed, bent down to pick something or someone up etc.
  5. Wash your legs and try and guess the many miles your legs have allowed you to walk, hike, run, jump, ride your bike etc.
  6. Wash your feet and think of the number of shoes your feet have been in and how they have gotten through each pair.
  7. Feel absolute appreciation for all of you without judgment.

[Taken from my “Live In A Body You Love” 8-month program.]

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Nightly Journal Contemplation:

Free write for 5-10 minutes on the following:

How would I feel about myself if I looked at my body for what it has done for me instead of the way it looks like?

What could you experience that you’re not experiencing now?

Sneak Peak For Tomorrow:

Tomorrow is a fun Tone Your Body, Lift Your Mood strength training practice that will leave you feeling POWERFUL! Oh Yeah!

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