Practice 14: Day 14

Hi Amazing ,

Get ready to firm-up!


The intention is to tone and firm-up your upper and lower body and strengthen your core for better posture, flexibility, and balance! Oh Yeah! You’ll do positive affirmations to leave you feeling more powerful than you think!

What You Need:

  • Exercise Mat
  • 3-5 lb Free Weights or anything you can lift for a while like soup cans. Order online click here
  • Glass or stainless steel water bottle. Do not use plastic or aluminum. They are not good for your body or the earth.

Today’s Task:

Tone Your Body, Lift Your Mood Practice (24-minutes):
“I Am More Powerful Than I Think!”

[Tip: To make the video larger, click the small box in the lower right-hand side.]

I’d love to know how this workout goes for you! Click here

Nightly Journal Contemplation:

Do a 5-10 minute free write on the following question:

What if I felt powerful in my life?
How would things be different?

[Taken from my “Live In A Body You Love” 8-month program.]

Sneak Peak For Tomorrow:

Tomorrow you’ll do a Burn Your Fat, Free Your Heart guided cardio practice that will double your confidence and self-love! Oh Yeah! =)

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