Practice 1: Day 1

Hi Amazing ,

Congrats on joining this program. It says a lot about you and what you want for your health and fitness for joining me!


The intention of this program is to tone and firm your body, help you release inches, have more energy and help you feel great about yourself just as you are! Oh Yeah!


Your workouts are taught in levels of three, from beginner, intermediate to advanced.

No matter what your fitness level, you’ll be able to do these workouts. Be sure to follow the exercise explained for your fitness level and don’t push yourself too hard, too soon.

The focus of your workouts will firm and tone your body and give you a break from self-deprecation as you move toward creating more confidence, trust, and love for the one person who deserves it most…YOU!

You, More Than Anyone Else In The Entire Universe, Deserve Your Love and Affection. – Buddha


The intention of today is to…

  • Prepare for fitness success
  • Start to shift the way you think about yourself and exercise

Three Keys to Being Successful With Your Program:
(Think CCP)

#1: Consistency

Open your email from me daily even if you missed a practice. When you get into the habit of opening your email reminder, you’ll end up inspired to get going with the practices and see how simple they are to fit into your life.

Your exercise practices are not very long, 10 to 30-minutes max. Plus, some of the days you won’t even do an exercise practice but instead an emotional transformation practice to increase your confidence, trust and love for yourself and that only takes 1-2 minutes.

Open, Open, Open the email reminder from me daily. Yeah!

#2: Community

Your Get Fit with Love private community is on Facebook. I check it regularly, answer questions and leave inspiring tips. Plus, you’ll be joined by other like-minded women.

Join us!

Introduce yourself and let us know one thing you are looking forward to doing, having or feeling in your body when you are in better shape.

Example: “I’m Michelle, from California and I’m looking forward to going on long hikes with my family and being able to keep up.

#3: Prepare

Life gets busy and your self-care usually gets put on the back burner. Preparing for fitness success will help you stay on track!

Prepare for fitness success by doing the following:

    • Put a reminder alarm in your cell phone for the time of day you will do your practices. This is crucial and will help a TON! Add this reminder for all 21-days. Call it “Do my self-love or exercise practice now!”
    • Add [email protected] to your contact list so you don’t miss any of your 21-day reminder emails.
  2. GET SET:
    1. Be sure you have the needed equipment below:
      • Exercise Mat To order (click here)
      • 3lb and 5 lb. free weights To order (click here)
      • Exercise band To order (click here)
      • Pilates ball for added core work (A pillow will work too and this ball will work better) click here
      • Glass or stainless steel water bottle. They are better for your body and the earth than plastic or aluminum. Here is a fun one to order (click here)
      • Comfortable workout clothes and new shoes if they are older than 6-months
      • Get a writing journal. Any notepad will do. On the front write My Transformational Journey (date)
    2. Assessment: Part of preparing is to know where you are so you can measure your results. You can take your measurements click here.  If you don’t want to take your measurements then use a pair of pants or shirt you don’t currently fit into as a way to measure your progress. You’ll be taking your measurements 1/2 way through your program and again at the end. Oh yeah!


Today’s Tasks:

  1. Prepare for fitness success by ordering any needed items above and taking your initial assessment.
  2. Do your first emotional transformation practice below to create more self-love and confidence.

Emotional Transformation Practice:

Ask yourself the question below as often as you can today. Explore and notice new emotions and possibilities that come up in your mind and body and allow yourself to feel them fully.

Feel free to share your thoughts and feelings on our private community page click here

What if getting fit and feeling more confident & self-love is easier than I think?

[Note: Questions are taken from my “Live In A Body You Love” 8-month program.]

Let yourself really feel the answer to this question. Allow the energy of the new emotional frequency to emanate into your body for as long as it can throughout the rest of your day.

Keep repeating this question when you remember to do so and notice the new feelings that show up in your body.

Task Completed

Mark task completed if you prepared for fitness success and you asked yourself the above question and explored a new way to think about yourself and exercise.

Your first task is done! Oh Yeah!

Nightly Journal Contemplation:

Tonight, before you go to bed, write the above emotional transformation question in your journal and free-write for 5-10 minutes whatever thoughts and feelings come up.

Sneak Peak For Tomorrow:

Tomorrow is your first Tone You Body, Lift Your Mood practice and all you need is an exercise mat or a couple of towels so you’re good to go!

Get ready to start feeling GREAT! Uh huh, oh yeah! Uh huh, oh yeah!

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