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Your Free Class is Tuesday, February 25th at 6pm PST

Why Should You Listen To Me?

Michelle MelendezI’m Michelle Melendez. I wrote the Best Selling and Double Award Winning Book, End Dieting Hell: How to find peace in your body and release the weight.

I’ve been a featured guest on…

  • The Unstoppable podcast with International nutritionist, Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo 
  • Dr. Berkson’s Best Health Radio with best selling author, Dr. Lindsey Berkson 
  • The Weight Loss show with natural health Dr. Julie Wilkening 
  • The Women’s Leadership and Empowerment Conference

And More!

Since 2009, I’ve coached women to lose weight but it wasn’t until the last decade that I understood WHY my clients SABOTAGED themselves and gained the weight back!

I’m going to teach you this Amazing Insight, which most trainers don’t know, AND give you a completely new way to look at your weight loss journey!  

The #1 theme my clients around the world have is…

I just want to lose weight and have peace in my body.”

If that is you, join me for a class that will change everything you’ve ever thought about how to lose weight and finally find peace in your body as you…

End Dieting Hell!

I look forward to sharing these insights with you and more!

It’s time for you to live in a body you love! You deserve it.

Your Live in a Body You Love Ally,

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Michelle Melendez
Fitness Expert since 1996

Live in a Body You Love Specialist and author of the Award Winning book, End Dieting Hell! How to find peace in your body and release the weight

P.S. I believe the women who find me are ready to do this work. If you’ve been struggling with your weight most of your life, you’re in the right place.

If You’ve Struggled With Weight Most Of Your Life,
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