Tone Your Body!

Fly HeartThis is a Burn Your Fat, Free Your Heart Cardio Practice that you download to your iPhone or iPod and listen as you walk, jog, bike, roller skate or whatever you’d like.
This practice is called: I’m Taken Care Of
If you feel stressed or worried about any thing, listen and workout with this audio! You will feel soooo much better! Oh Yeah!

Lift Your Mood!

yoga exercise abstract
yoga exercise abstract

Be still.

Give yourself 2-minutes to be still. Don’t move. Just listen to the sounds around you. This is best done outside.

Listen for the beginning and ending of sounds around you for a minimum of 2-minutes. Longer if you’re able!

With each sound, there is a beginning and end ending. Can you hear it?

This practice helps to rebalance your mind, relieve stress and increase your emotional vibration so you feel good!

When your mind starts talking to you, take a deep breath and exhale with a sigh. Then, go back to listen for the beginning and ending of sounds around you.

Give it a try!

“Every human being is the author of his own health or disease.” – Buddha