Tone Your Body!

delish-guacamolesalad-pin-1For today’s task think about your next meal and have the following:

  • Good quality protein (grass fed meat, organic & non-gmo tofu etc.) 
  • Fiber (salad, kale, cabbage etc.)
  • Good fat (avocado, cook with coconut oil, seeds, nuts etc.).
  • Full glass of water 

Protein helps your body build tissue not just muscle but every tissue in your body is made up of proteins (hair, skin, nails etc.)

Fiber keeps your digestion running optimally. When you use the restroom what you are eliminating is fiber (what your body cannot assimilate) and bacteria. Fiber also helps slow the absorption of sugar in your blood stream so you stay in balance.

Good Fat helps to you satisfied with your meal and satiated longer so you don’t get hungry quickly. Plus, fat is throughout your body and helps with hormone synthesis, protecting your organs and energy.

Water does so much for your body including supporting your energy, digestion, detoxing, skin etc. Sometimes when you’re feeling hungry, you could just be thirsty. Drink one full glass of water with each meal and start to notice how much better you feel!

Lift Your Mood!

Give Yourself and Others A Break!

We are all too hard on ourselves and others.
If there is something that you could have done better or something someone else could have done better. Give yourself or them a break right now.
Text or call them and give them the benefit of the doubt.
If it’s you, look in the mirror and say, “I want to give you a break. I know you’re doing the best you can.”
Don’t put this off. Do it right away.
This practice will lift your mood and others around you too!
It’s time to stop trying to be perfect and live through love and understanding that we all are doing our best through our emotional conditioning.  Oh Yeah!


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