Day 6: Tone Your Body!

Time to feel great! If you are sore, this video will RELLY help!
This practice may be uncomfortable and you will feel amazing afterward! You will need your foam roller click here to order and yellow ball click here to order. 
As you age your tissue gets stuck. This 10-minute practice will help lengthen and release tension in your tissues. It is soooo worth taking 10-minutes to do!

You may feel very uncomfortable doing this practice and give yourself permission to open your tissue and feel better!

Lift Your Mood!

dreamstime_l_69733793It’s not a mistake that you’re you!

What if your soul chose the body you’re in before you got here as if there was a closet of bodies it could choose from and it chose the one you’re in?

Why not?

Do you think it’s a mistake you are who you are?

No way!

It’s not a mistake you’re here and exactly as you are, sister. It’s not a mistake you’re going through this journey called getting fit!

Nature, God, Source whatever you want to call it, doesn’t make mistakes!

t’s time to accept you, just the way you are and start to appreciate yourself like the first exercise practice you did said!

I’ve heard women tell me, if they appreciate themselves the way they are they won’t change. The opposite is true!

The energy of appreciating yourself will inspire you to make healthier choices. Give it a try!

Today’s Task: Think of one thing to appreciate about yourself and recall a story in your mind where you did something or helped someone and it felt really good.

Remember your emotions condition your body, actions, choices, and life!

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