Day Four: Tone Your Body!

1st Cardio Practice

Here is your first Burn Your Fat, Free Your Heart!

Download this workout to your iPhone or iPod and do it while doing any cardio exercise like walking, biking, roller skating. Your choice!

Fly Heart

Burn your Fat, Free Your Heart Cardio Practice! 

Download Here!  

(You’ll need to click the down arrow on the next page and it will download to your computer.)

Doing these workouts regularly will change the emotional vibration in your body and give you a new result! Oh Yeah!

Day Four: Lift Your Mood!

Emotional Conditioning!

intuition-psychologyYesterday I told you that your body is emotionally addicted to the way you’ve always felt and thought about exercise. 

If you have struggled with fitness for a long time, your body is emotionally conditioned to feel normally making excuses for not working out and eating right. 

This means you must literally become a new person around your weight and exercise. 

It is a new journey you’re on!

I must tell you it won’t feel normal. You will want to go back to your past emotional set point. Keep opening your emails and following the tips to create a new outcome in your life.

Your task for today is to relax knowing that things can be different for you.

Do one thing that you don’t normally do around your health and fitness like do the workout above or have a healthy meal. 

Do anything that gives you a new feeling about what’s possible for you around getting fit! 

This journey will not happen over night and it will happen! 

Be sure to open tomorrow email it has another special insight!