Day Three: Tone Your Body!

This was filmed in Australia and is called, “I Accept All Of Me!”
If you don’t have free weights, don’t worry about it. Do the practice! You’ll still get a great workout!

So far you’ve gotten ready to tone your body by knowing the most important reason you want to be fit and discovering what body type you are.
Then, you prepared by ordering what you need for your exercise practices. If you haven’t done that, do that today by going to “Day 2” in your member site.
clockToday, it’s time to… SET YOUR ROUTINE:
To be successful at ANY exercise program you must get your workout practices into your daily routine.
This means know the EXACT days and times you’re going to workout!
Also, know what daily routine you’ll do before and after your workout.
Then, add an alarm in your cell the day before you workout and get excited that you GET to do your exercise practice tomorrow! Like REALLY Excited!
I’ve created an optional Exercise Game that will help you keep you inspired to do your practices! Find it by clicking the  2nd link under “Free Challenge” on your member site or you can click here! (You may need to log in again)
These steps may seem simple and they are crucial to get you going and keep you going!

I’ve heard so many women say, “I’ll workout tomorrow.”

Tomorrow comes and goes and they never workout. It doesn’t happen because they didn’t set to time they would do it and their day got away from them! Don’t let that be you!

Day 3: Lift Your Mood- Take A New Journey

Get excited and do the exercise practice above! It’s ONLY 20-minutes and will leave you feeling great in your body about yourself!
You do not need free weights. Just follow along!
After your exercise practice, be sure to go to your game page and click that you completed a practice so you move up the scale to reach your goal. Go to the 2nd link under: “Free Challenge”
Keep practicing the phrase:
“What if getting and staying fit is easier than I thought?”
You can do this!

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