Day Two Tone Your Body: Set

Yesterday you did step one and thought about the most important reason you want to be fit!
Today, it’s time to prepare your things! 
dreamstime_l_93921515This may seem like a no-brainer but it’s more important than you think!
If you don’t prepare your things, you could end up getting injured like having shin splints or skipping your workout because you don’t have what you need.
Here are the things to have:
  • New shoes if your shoes are more than 6-months old. Your shoes breakdown on the inside and can look new but the shock absorption can be gone. 
  • Workout clothes you feel comfortable in.
  • Exercise equipment:
    • Thick mat click here
    • free-weights: two sets a heavy and light pair 3lb and 5lb recommended click here
    • Fit ball to Pilates online click here  
    • Foam roller to help your tissue stay younger and limber click here
    • Hard Ball to release tension in your shoulders and other areas click here (Optional and really helpful!)
Getting what you need inspires you to get started and tells your conscious and unconscious mind you’re serious and ready!

Day Two Lift Your Mood:

Yesterday you noticed the normal emotional set point you have in your body every day.

It’s time to know the truth!
The emotions you have every day are conditioned in every cell in your body so much so that you become addicted to them.
When you are addicted to not working out and you try and start a program, you may do good for a few days or even weeks and then your body will actually send your mind signals to have thoughts that take it back to the normal conditioning of not working out.
That’s why you have strong and justifiable excuses. 
Today’s task: Remember your why! Think of a scenario in your mind where you are living your most important reason for wanting to be fit!
Know that your body’s normal feeling of frustration and not wanting to exercise will come up. Expect it and when it does, think again…


“What if this getting and staying fit is easier than I thought?”
Your emotional shift will take time. Be patient and practice! You can do this!
I do a 4-day retreat on emotional shifts that you’ll read about later.
For now get excited, tomorrow is your first exercise practice! 
Be sure to open tomorrow’s email! You’ll not only get your first workout but discover a new tip on how to lift your mood! You deserve that! Oh Yeah!