Tone Your Body Practice: 

bellpepperHave you ever wondered why you can’t keep eating the same kind of healthy food no matter how much you like it.

It’s because your brain is designed so you want different kinds of food to get different vitamins and minerals.

This, however, doesn’t apply to sugary foods. The reason for that is sugar triggers a “bliss factor” in your brain that creates an addiction and not real health!

Healthy foods, like bell peppers is live food and will alkaline your body and give you real energy that leaves you feeling great!

Make your next meal mostly live foods. You don’t have to do this for all your meals, just the next meal you eat and notice how that makes you feel in your body and about yourself!


Lift Your Mood Practice: 

BubblesYou were a kid once and I’m sure you blew bubbles sometime in your childhood. 

To lift your mood today, do something child like! Play hop scotch even if there isn’t any chalk on the ground. Throw a ball with someone. Play tag with a coworker, your partner or child. 

When you get back into the feeling of fun, not only does it lift your mood but your life starts to run more smoothly. You deserve that!

Give this a try! 

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