Day One Tone Your Body Task:

Woohoo! Congratulations!

You’re about to Tone Your Body and Lift Your Mood in 30-Days! Yeah!!! =)

I’m so EXCITED and happy to take you on this journey of health and transformation!
Do your Personal Best!

This challenge ISN’T about being perfect!

It’s about being better than you used to be and that’s it! Take it one task at a time!

Oh Yeah!

1Get Started: Under “Free Challenge” above you’ll see, “Start Here“. Go to step 1: Prepare for Fitness Success. You can click here to go there now. Do the 4 tasks to prepare for fitness success. You’ll see 2 optional tasks as well. Do those if they feel right for you. The first 4 are VITAL to creating a successful fitness program. Plus, you’ll learn a lot about yourself. =)
1Day One Lift Your Mood Task: Notice that every day there is a normal emotional set point you have in your body. You do the exact same thing each morning and the thoughts in your mind bring up the same feelings in your body every day.

dreamstime_l_8794434Today start to notice your emotional set point.

What do you say to yourself when you think about working out?

What do you say about your body?

Don’t judge it or criticize it or make it wrong in any way. Just notice it.

To lift your mood from your emotional set point. Take 30 seconds to pause and breath and remember the reason why you want to exercise and be fit. 

Feel excited about having that. Think…

“What if getting and staying fit is easier than I think?”

That’s it!

Give yourself permission to think it might be possible for getting fit to be easy!

Practice this new thought throughout your day. Just the thought and feeling that it might be possible to be easy.

Tomorrow’s email will have your first workout in it. Get excited to open that email! Opening that email takes you one step closer to having your why.

In tomorrow’s email will also give you insights into why you keep getting stuck when it comes to your fitness! Something you’ll want to know! Oh Yeah!

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