Week Seven: Alkaline Cleanse

  • Acknowledgements and who completed tasks
  • Review what you know noticed about food and emotions last week
  • Understand leaky gut
  • understand alkaline versus acidic foods
  • Review studies of long lived culture
  • Review 10-day alkaline cleanse Protocol

What Is Leaky Gut And What To Do About It:

What does our gut (digestive system) actually do?

  • Breaks down food into carbs, protein and fat so the body can use it for various systems
  • Regulates hormones
  • Activates your immune system

What to know about your gut:

Your gut…

  • Has more nerves in your gut than in your entire spinal cord
  • Has 100 trillion more cells than the rest of human body
  • Is 80% responsible for immune system
  • Plays a major role in clean healthy skin
  • Makes 95% of your serotonin the happy feelings!

What is Leaky Gut?

The mucus producing cells Your microflora (good bacteria) create a wall keeping out pathogenic germs from leaving your intestines and entering your blood stream. Leaky gut is when this wall in disrupted by a bacteria imbalance allowing pathogens to enter your blood stream. Your immune system then reacts to the foreign pathogens and this can cause various digestive and health issues.

Causes of leaky-gut:

  • Eating processed foods
  • Drinking sodas
  • Chemical additives in our air
  • Chemicals in lotions we put on our body
  • household cleaning products
  • hand sanitizer

Symptoms of leaky gut:

  • gas and bloating
  • constipation
  • diarrhea
  • heartburn
  • skin conditions like, acne, psoriasis, rosacea, eczema
  • depression
  • low energy
  • foggy brain

Probiotics in the morning: Probiotics contain live strains of good bacteria to help keep your digestive system balanced. Having more good bacteria can keep the bad bacteria at bay. Generally, you should have 85% good and 15% bad bacteria in your gut. However, more important to create an environment where good bacteria flourish than think about your percent of good and bad bacteria. One way to do that is by taking a quality daily probiotic supplement.

What is an Enzyme?

Enzymes are the worker bees of your cells. Every cell in your body is at some time building or breaking something down and enzymes allow them to do this. When you have low digestive enzymes in your stomach and intestines, your body isn’t able to break down and digest your food optimally. This can cause many uncomfortable symptoms in your body.

Digestive Enzyme: Aids your stomach and intestines in breaking down food so your digestion runs more optimally and your body can utilize the nutrients in the food you eat.

Alkaline Versus Acidic
The body’s neutral PH is 7.41. Moving your PH up or down, even a little, can have a big effect on your energy, mood and overall health.



Problems with a more acidic eating plan include:

  • Increased risk of infection in the body
  • Adversely affects vitamins in the body (especially vitamin D)
  • Reduces bone mass (causes more calcium loss in urine)
  • Increases risk of kidney stones
  • Can damages mitochondria in the cell (the cells energy center) so it can’t run optimally.
  • Acid can damage tissue, organs, joints and other areas of the body
  • Creates a chemistry imbalance in the body and brain and can affect energy, mood and create a more accessible environment for disease

NOTE: You will notice that the orange box has foods that are recommended in this detox. When eating these foods combine them with alkaline foods and you’ll move toward the neutral and into the alkaline zone! 🙂

Note #2: Please drink more filtered water than tap water that is in the picture.

Your Light Body

Your body made of light!

*Your DNA holds 1,000 photons of light inside it.

Vegetables and fruits have 10,000 photons of light per square centimeter.
Animal tissue has 1,000 photons of light per square centimeter.

Cancer cells don’t have light and block it from entering your DNA.

Feed your DNA by eating more veggies and start feeling the difference. Your goal should be 1-pound of veggies a day.

*Taken from Wisdom Teachings:Unified Geometric Therory of Biology with David Wilcock

Does Nutrition Really Matter?

Traditional Diets of Long Lived Cultures

Taken from: Institute for Integrative Nutrition:What Docs Have Been Told

Grains, Gluten and Your Health
Taken from iHealthTube.com Interview with Dr. Peter Glidden

(Watch the video above from 5:30 minutes to 8:30 minutes)

4 of The MOST Dangerous Foods on the Planet:

1. Wheat
2. Barely
3. Rye
4. Oats

Your stomach’s job is to break down food and release the nutrients so your body can absorb them. The chemical bonds of gluten in these 4 foods is very difficult for most peoples stomach to break.

Your small intestine’s job is to absorb nutrients but it can’t get to them because the chains of food are not broken. The villi, in your small intestines, are inflamed or destroyed due to the gluten you eat. Now your body cannot use the nutrients that you ate!

You are starving your body of nutrition and don’t even know it! UGH!

Another GREAT video to watch with some quick and important info!

William Davis, MD, on Why Grains Aren’t Healthy | IIN Depth

Alkaline 10-Day Cleanse

This is not a quick fix or rapid weight loss gimmick!

When you eat more alkaline foods you will…

  • Shift your hormones
  • Normalize your blood sugar
  • Restore better health to your liver and pancreas
  • Improve your metabolism
  • Feel lighter, healthier, and more energetic
  • Be released from food addiction and cravings

Here’s what this cleanse will do for you:

  1. Shut down the ups and downs of insulin
  2. Improve your cell’s sensitivity to insulin creating better health and releasing inches
  3. Better absorption of nutrients
  4. Reduce the stress hormone cortisol
  5. Lower ghrelin (hunger hormone)
  6. Improve leptin sensitivity
  7. Increase the brake on the hormone Peptide YY that makes you feel full after you eat.
  8. Increase dopamine naturally. This helps reset your reward pattern in your brain in regards to food so you start enjoying REAL food!
  9. Reset your taste buds
  10. Reduce inflammation (the root of most weight gain problems) Eliminating common food sensitivities, processed foods, and sugar and adding in anti-inflammatory foods.
  11. Boost detoxification

Taken from 10-Day Detox Diet by Mark Hyman MD pages 56-57

Alkaline Protocol</span>

Review 10-Day Alkaline Cleanse Protocol week 7-8

Meal Plan:

  • Probiotic in the morning 20-30 min before breakfast
  • Breakfast: Enzyme with Detox shake:  click here for recipes.
  • Lunch: enzyme with a glass of water and a meal from your cookbook
  • Dinner: enzyme with a glass of water and a meal from your cookbook
  • Snacks include nuts, dips, and spreads with veggies, mini quiches and more. See your “What to Eat” link above or your cookbook for more ideas!
  • 7-8 glasses of water a day. Have a glass with each meal.

Option: Days 4-6 have a shake for breakfast and lunch.

You shouldn’t be hungry on your detox!


Know what foods you will have during your 10-day detox and get all the ingredients ASAP.


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