, Welcome to Your Food Reset and Detox Program!

Watch this Video to GET Inspired and for Instructions About Your Program!

Steps for your program:

Step 1: If you are not on a group program, decide the time and day of the week you will do your program and if possible, keep it the same day and time for the next five weeks. Add a reminder alarm in your cell and get excited when the alarm goes off reminding you that you get to reset your body and start feeling great as you release inches!

Step 2: Click on “Your Program” link below and watch the video for week one. Do the tasks for that week as soon as you can or within your first week and no later than your 2nd week. Do your best to complete all tasks within that week.

Step 3: Make a commitment to complete your program. You signed up for this program for a reason. Life will happen. If you do this program you will release inches, have more energy and feel healthier and vibrant! You deserve that! You can get more support on your private Facebook page. Add me as your friend and private message me to add you to this program, if I don’t do it right away. https://www.facebook.com/michellelmelendez

Program Modules:

Program Module  Topic  Link
Module One “Get Ready!” Click Here
Module Two “Understanding Your Guts & Auto-Immune Disease” Click Here
Module Three “Colon Cleanse” Click Here
Module Four “Creating Balance” Click Here
Module Five “Liver Detox” Click Here

Order Your Cookbook Today


Your program uses the 10-Day Detox Cookbook by Dr. Mark Hyman. Please purchase it before or during your first week so you’ll have it when your detox starts on the 3rd week.

This book offers 150 delicious recipes that alkaline your system and help you release inches. It will activate your natural ability to burn fat, reduce insulin levels and inflammation, reprogram your metabolism, shut off your fat-storing genes, create effortless appetite control, and release stress in your body! It’s a MUST HAVE!

Look under the “Used” area and you can purchase it for under $5. To order click here

Do this program in a way that’s bests for you AND I invite you to challenge yourself and stay on track.

If your best friend was doing this program and you knew how much they wanted a change in their body, better health, more energy, and self-confidence, how would you support them?

Do that for yourself and be your own best friend!  You deserve it!

Your Bonuses
Belly Fat Freedom Program
Belly FatYou will have access to this 6-week program and discover:

  • What belly fat is and what to do about it!
  • What two supplements you should ALWAYS take if you want a healthy gut!
  • What married women should NEVER do if they want less belly fat!
  • 12 yummy foods that help your body release belly fat naturally and keep you satisfied
  • Tons more!

If you struggle with belly fat, this program is for you! Retail $247
Click Here

Three Keys Every Busy Woman MUST Do First To Be Heathy!*
Busy Woman


  • How to know if your body is unable to release body fat and what to do about it
  • Key Exercises ALL women should do to stay fit and healthy
  • What most busy women do every day that is killing them
  • And More!

*Taken from my Women Getting Fit: Healthy, Beauty, and Confidence Telesummit

What to Eat? (Video Series)

  • 5 Keys to Make Nutrition Easy
  • Top 6 foods to avoid at ALL costs
  • 11 Supplements to burn the most body fat
  • What to eat made easy guide and transformational journal
Click Here

Please let me know if you have any questions.

It’s time to start feeling great in your body! You’ve waited long enough!

To your health,

Michelle Signature
Michelle Melendez
Fitness Expert since 1996
PS: Remember this is your program. Do it in a way that works best for you and let me know ASAP how I can better support you!

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