Food Addiction Starts In Your Heart

I want to introduce you to the most powerful organ in your body… your heart! Your heart is the size of your fist. It was the first organ created when you were conceived.

Scientists have found 40,000 neurons in the heart that allow it to sense, feel, learn and remember. I LOVE this! As if that wasn’t outstanding enough, studies show that the heart may be conscious and connect to a higher intelligence.

Your heart plays a crucial role in your emotional addictions. The cells in your body send signals to your brain to think thoughts that create emotions that your body is used to feeling every day. Those signals start in your heart!

When you had an intense experience in your past that created an emotional addiction, you first felt that in your heart. For example, have you ever had your heart broken?

Yes, most of us have.

When that happened, your heart felt the pain first. It was like your heart was breaking and it actually was, emotionally. Since it was such an intense feeling, your heart wanted to protect itself from that ever happening again, so it created an emotional wall of protection that Dr. Bradley Nelson, author of The Emotion Code calls a “Heart Wall.”

Heart walls cannot be seen or physically felt. However, they can, at times, be emotionally felt. You emotionally feel your heart wall when you think of a past experience that was traumatic and you still feel pain. That pain is telling you that you have blocked emotions or a heart wall relating to that experience. Heart walls can create  Addictive Heart Energies, which may cause negative addictions.

Dr. Nelson says, “Addictive Heart Energy can be thought of as being almost like an intense attractor field in the heart, which is behind the intense pull of addictions. In the same way that the gravitational field of a black hole is so intense not even a beam of light can escape it. An Addictive Heart Energy is, we believe, the driving force behind addictions.”

Your soul came from love and your heart knows this. It needs to feel love, joy and pleasure. It needs these positive feelings so much so that when there is a heart wall created from emotional trauma that is keeping you from love, your heart will reach out and pull you toward things that bring you pleasure, no matter what the cost.

Pleasure, joy and love are the core of who you are and your heart must experience those feelings or it will pull you toward negative addictions like overeating, drugs, sex, alcohol, or any other negative vice to feel pleasure even for a moment. This is why diet and exercise programs will never work for you!

When you have a food addiction it feels like a powerful magnet has been turned on, pulling you toward food, and there’s nothing you can do about it!

The body, then becomes physically and chemically addicted to the foods you obsess on and habits you create, like eating the same meal in front of the TV or stopping by the same ice cream shop after work every day.

To end dieting hell, you must dissolve your heart wall by fully accepting your past and healing addictive emotions. Then, give yourself permission and practice feeling positive and pleasurable emotions in your heart! Otherwise, your heart will pull you toward negative behaviors that bring it short-term pleasure and long- term pain. If you are someone who hasn’t allowed yourself or to feel loving, positive thoughts, this will take time and will put you on a journey of emotional expansion. You can do this! You’re meant to do it!

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