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How many years has your New Year’s resolution been…
“I want to lose weight and get fit”?
It’s time for this year to be different!


This webinar is for you if you…

  • Have been struggling with your weight most of your life
  • Have a hard time dealing with stress and finding time to workout!
  • Are frustrated, feel hopeless and even defeated by past weight loss efforts that just didn’t work!
  • Have difficulty finding time or stay motived to workout!
  • Want this year to be different…like REALLY different!

Join Me:

  • Friday, January 20th, 12pm PST
  • Saturday, January 21st 10am PST

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Get Ready To Learn:

  • Why New Year’s resolutions don’t work and what to do instead!
  • The top 3 keys to have a fitness breakthrough this year…Actually within the first 6-weeks! 
  • The #1 reason getting and staying fit is a challenge, year after year and what to do about it!



Fit Gift: Live Aloha Style exercise practice called:

“I Choose More Joy!”

(To see full screen, click the small box on right-hand side.)

This workout is 30-minutes and will tone up every muscle in your body! It is part of my “Live Aloha Style” workout series in my “Get Fit” program!

I just turned 42 when I filmed this workout on the Big Island of Hawaii and things were changing in my body big time! I was a bit over-weight and you can tell! I don’t know how much because I don’t weigh myself but I could feel it! Don’t get me wrong the workout is GREAT!
Still, most fitness trainer would not put this video out to the world but I’m not most fitness trainers. =)
This is me! This is the truth! Want to know what I did about it to get back to my normal weight?
I’ll share that on my webinar! 



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I’ve been a professional fitness trainer since 1996 and have trained thousands of women all over the world! I LOVE what I do and am excited to gift you something that will Jump Start your health and fitness in 2017!

It’s not a mistake you found me! Nope!

Don’t Join Another Fitness Program Without Listening To
This webinar FIRST! 
It’s Time For A New Year’s Fitness Breakthrough!

I look forward to seeing you on the call! Remember to add a reminder in your cell for…

  • Friday, January 20th, 12pm PST
  • Saturday, January 21st 10am PST

Here’s to getting GREAT results in 2017!

It’s time for a year of ease, health, and joy! You deserve it! You’ve waited long enough!

Your health and fitness sister,

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Michelle Melendez-Founder/Fitness Expert Since 1996

P.S. What if this was the year you finally felt great in your body! It’s time! Oh Yeah!

P.S.S. Want to find out what your life would be like without thinking about your weight? If you think about your weight everyday, this webinar was created for you! Let me show you!