Releasing Fear That You’ll Gain The Weight BACK!

I’m sitting here on my sun deck looking through all the ideas I have of what to share with you. I put my hand on my heart and asked, “What do women want to know about releasing inches?”

I think about all the interviews I’ve done with women who struggle with their weight and a light bulb went off! Every single woman I’ve ever spoken with has a fear that if they lose weight, they’ll gain it back. The topic for this week was birthed!

Are you ready to release fear that when your unwanted weight is gone, you’ll gain it back?!

Fear is a POWERFUL thing!

It can immobilize you or make you do things you NEVER thought you’d do.

Fear stops many you from the success you’ve craved for years!

It can keep you from your dream of living in a fit and thin body and it can keep you believing that you’re lazy, unmotivated, and unworthy of being thin!

It’s time to have a new experience with fear don’t you think?

The opposite of fear is excitement!

What if after you released weight you weren’t afraid but were excited?

What if you watched the scale go down and down and down and each time it did, you had a sense of relief, joy, excitement and expectation for the next week you’d get on the scale?

What if you looked in the mirror with joy and hope because you truly felt that your body was turning into EXACTLY what you’ve always wanted?

Why can’t that be true for you?


Here are three things to do to turn fear of releasing weight into excitement and expectation:

1. Understand the fear is an emotional vibration that will keep you stuck in a body you don’t love and start to turn it into excitement by giving yourself a break around your weight!

When you give yourself a break around your weight you start to  release pressure that you have to be perfect with food and exercise.

Here is a SecretNO One is Perfect With Nutrition and Exercise!

I’m talking nobody!

It’s time to take some pressure off yourself and give yourself a break to NOT be perfect!

2. Create a new definition with your journey toward a body you love. (Taken from my “Get The Body You Love” program)

Most women tell me their fitness goal is to lose weight. That reason for getting fit will forever keep you in a body you don’t love!

If your goal is to lose weight, you’ll battle with food, sticking with your exercise program and insecurities around your body. This is because when you feel the energy of wanting to “lose weight” it feels like a struggle and turns out to be an uphill battle.

Rather than wanting to “lose” weight, choose to be healthy and that’s it. Start making choices that make you healthy instead of constantly focusing on your weight and your journey toward a body you love will be so much easier!

If you’ve struggled with your weight for a very long time, you’re going to have issues with this concept because the cells of your body are conditioned to feeling that releasing weight is hard. That’s a condition that you can change. Check out my “Get the Body You Love” program to learn about this emotional conditioning.

3. Get excited and feel good when you’ve released weight!

I’m talking jump up and down, scream, yell, laugh! Raise your energy and feel GREAT and…know that you CAN do it AGAIN!!

When you do this you train yourself to expect good results. Plus, when you raise your vibration like this you bring in inspiration to keep it high and keep yourself feeling good! Oh yeah and…it’s SUPER FUN! =)

BONUS: A bonus tip for you is to start trusting yourself. When you are in fear it trains your conscious and unconscious mind NOT to trust you!

If you don’t trust someone, how easy is it to feel safe and know that you can count on what they do and say? Um…not easy at all!

If you are in fear around releasing weight and keeping it off, you clearly don’t trust yourself.

Here is a practice from my “Get the Body You Love” (I freaking LOVE this program!):

Stand in front of the mirror and look into your eyes.

Don’t look at things you don’t like. Look for the Source within you that is looking back at you. Look for your higher self that is on your side and wants you to win. Look for what some may call God that is bending the Universe to bring you what you want.

Feel their love and acceptance for you…ALL OF YOU! And let it be okay that you released weight and let it be okay to release more!

You can do this sister! I know you can!

If this article supported you, please let me know.

Much Love,








PS If you haven’t yet checked out my “Get Fit” or “Get the Body You Love” programs, give them a peek and see what’s possible for you! =)

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