Stress-Free Yoga

with Benji Quigley

dreamstime_m_63486125Does this sound like you?


  • Feel overwhelmed and stressed
  • Have imbalances in your body
  • Struggle with chronic pain
  • Are challenged with chronic fatigue

You’re not alone!

I’m Benji Quigley and I’ve been practicing and teaching yoga for 13 years! I’ve trained men and women in the Santa Cruz and Bay Area to feel stronger, flexible, better balanced and have more confidence in their body.

My clients come to me stressed-out and at times in pain and leave feeling energized, at ease and stronger.


Your Training Starts With A Complimentary Session!

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Why take a free session with me?

If you’re ready to feel better, pay nothing to see if I’m the right trainer for you.


I know what’s it like to live with chronic pain. Before practicing yoga I had a debilitating injury followed by spinal fusion surgery.

Iyengar Yoga brought flexibility, mobility, and strength into my body where there was none.

I wanted to bring relief to others who were in pain like I had been so I started teaching Iyengar yoga in 2010 and found my purpose.