Level 1: Everyday Fun Exercise Practices!

Yes! Thank you for showing up today!

You get to choose a practice below and tone up your body! Remember you “GET” to do this practice! You don’t have to! You GET TO! Oh Yeah!

What you need
  • Thick exercise mat
  • Pilates Fit Ball
  • Light and heavier pair of free weights
  • Muscle tension release ball
  • Exercise band
Fun Exercise Practices
Choosing to Be Fit!

Move Toward Your Goal!

You Can Do This!

Butt Lifter Strength Training

Firm Up In 10!

Pilates (abs and back) Only!
Accepting Life Aloha Style! Oh yeah!

Feeling Supported Aloha Style!

I'm Ready For More Joy!

Feel the Aloha Spirit

Pilates and Leg Workouts Here!
Pilates and Full Body Strength Training

Living Your Dreams (safe on knees lower and upper body workout)!

I Am Always Supported (core and Butt workout. Filmed in Alaska)

16 minute Super Core and Leg Toning Extreme with Travis Richardson (Guest Trainer! Filmed in Alaska)

Balance 10 min (no squats or lunges)

Core Strength!

Don't Forget!
After you’ve completed your practice post below how it went for you! Then, go to your “Game” page and post at the bottom so we can move you up your game scale! Go to: https://blossominnerwellness.com/game/
Don't Forget!
After you’ve completed your practice post how your experience! Click Here!
Please check with your doctor before starting this workout program. You take FULL Responsibility for doing these exercise practices and release Michelle Melendez and Women Being Fit of any and ALL liability including any injury or death.

4 thoughts on “Everyday Fun Exercise Practices

    • Michelle says:

      Yeah! Remember fitness is a journey you travel for a lifetime. Become a regular member in whatever fitness format serves you best! You can do this!

  1. Pam Taggart says:

    I started super easy with this Move Toward Your Goal in the Rose Garden at Chico. The concept that Michelle continues to speak about, that of
    “no judgmen,t” is more important than I realized. I can easily drop into a place of being shocked at how difficult it is for me to lift up the smallest weight while simultaneously lifting a leg. At 63, balance has become an issue for me. But, I stuck with the video, much as I was disappointed with my lack of balance/weakness. This was a short, doable workout and I think if I were to do it 4 to 5 times a week, I would see great improvement in my balance. I can do this! Thank you, Michelle, for your awesome videos and for your constant encouragement as you take us through these workouts and this program. I need this!

    • Michelle says:

      Yeah! It is so my pleasure. You’re AMAZING for starting this program and doing what you can! You can always do something and that is enough! You will get stronger with this workout and be amazed at how quickly that happens! You can do this!

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