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Book End Dieting Hell

This is not a diet book. It is an awakening book of freedom and peace with your body!

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Trauma Integration & Empowerment Workshop


This is nearly a 3hr workshop that will give you new understandings of your emotional trauma and how to integrate it to find peace and self-love!

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Creating a Stronger Intuition

What if you knew when your heart is giving you a message? Would you feel more confident? That’s what this meditation is all about.

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See Drama From a New Perspective

Ready to understand relationships and the purpose of all drama? Parents LOVE this meditation!

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Find Inner Peace and Safety (3-pack mediation)

Have you been living in fear long enough? This 3-pack meditation series will give you an inner peace and safety experience you can return to any time!

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7-Universal Laws to Self-Awareness


This 7-part video series + meditations will give you new insights into understanding your body, feelings and life experiences. Get ready to find peace no matter what comes up!

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5-Day Hawaii Mediation Journey


Find peace, inner-strength, courage and stability as you go on a 5-day Hawaiian Meditation Journey.

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Food Reset and Detox


Do You Struggle With…

  • Weight that won’t budge no matter what you do?
  • Consistent stress and don’t know how to help your body cope?
  • Craving unhealthy foods especially sugar?
  • Digestive issues like: bloating, constipation, irregular bowel movements?
  • Energy, sleep, and focus?
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