“Do You Reach For Diet Drinks Thinking They’ll

Support Your Weight Release Efforts?”

I was recently driving down the street to visit a friend and had to stop at a stop light. A beautiful woman was walking in the crosswalk. She was overweight and had a diet soda in her hand.

I sent her a blessing, which I always do letting her know I see the beauty inside her and my heart felt sad.

Like so many women who struggle with their weight she was trusting the diet soda industry that if it says “diet” soda it must mean it will help her release weight. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Anything from food to soft drinks that contains artificial sweeteners can:

  • Increase your appetite
  • Increase your cravings for carbs
  • Stimulate fat storage

According to an article I just read by Dr. Mercola, diet drinks may actually “DOUBLE” your risk of obesity! To read his full article click here.

I think it’s sad that the commercial industry makes a buck on the dreams and hopes of women wanting a better body. You can’t trust that they have your best interest at heart.

“You Own It to Yourself to Take Responsibility and Become Aware of What You Put In Your Body!”

It’s frustrating to read a label that says Fat Free, Diet, Low Sugar and later find out that there is something in it that can cause you to want to eat more, or wreak havoc on internal organs without you even knowing it. It SUCKS!

Sweeteners like Nutrasweet, Equal, Splenda are best left on the shelves. Not only will they keep you overwieght but Splenda has been shown to negatively effect the healthy bacteria in your gut and that can be a huge disaster not only with your weight release efforts but your health as well.

Become a savvy shopper. Start by taking out artificial sweeteners from your diet. Nearly all store bought baked goods contains artificial sweeteners.

For a GREAT book on healthy deserts click here!

Reach for water with lemon instead of diet drinks. I use a glass water bottle with the word “Gratitude” etched on the front. To get an inspiring water bottle click here.

The key is to trust how you feel AFTER you eat your food. If you are still hungry, check the food label. It may have something in it that is turning off your body’s signal that it’s no longer hungry (Leptin).

“If you’re craving more sugar after you eat,

definitely don’t eat that food item again!

When you start to become aware of how your body feels AFTER you are done eating, you’ll be able to start making food choices that leave you feeling good and soon your waist line will see the results! =)


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