Cancer Self Defense (Part 2)

Cancer and Self-Defense (Part 2)

(1 in 2  Men & 1 in 3 Women have Cancer in US!)

Here is what you should know and how to defend yourself!

Cancer is a sign of a weekend immune system.

According to Nick Delgado PHD, doctor of Endocrinology, Hematology, & Physiology,

“In almost ALL cases of cancer there high levels of reactive oxygen toxic species from oxidative stress and free radicals.”

Where do oxidative stress and free radicals come from?

Your Environment!

If you are…

  • Eating foods loaded with pesticides (not organic), artificial sweeteners, additives, colors and more or even worse, genetically modified by scientists (GMO)
  • Drinking water that has sat in plastic water bottles or even worse tap water loaded with chlorine, fluoride and other chemicals
  • Breathing air filled with car exhaust, smoke, chemicals from cleaning products in your home, and other pollutants
  • Living near and around electrical wires or putting your cell phone on your body, near your ear or in your bra, which my cousin did and ended up with breast cancer in the Exact location she kept her cell phone.
  • In a constant state of stress and overwhelm

You are inviting oxidative stress and free radicals to enter your body and live happily ever after!

Scientists have found that yes, some people have genes that put them at a higher risk of getting cancer AND your environment is actually MORE Important than your genes!

Why is this?

Each one of our nearly 100 trillion cells in our body is performing 100,000 chemical reactions a second…Wow!

Things don’t always go as planned and thus, you get mutated cells. 

The Great thing is our cells know this happens and have a defense built into them where they actually commit suicide (apoptosis) to protect the body. Awesome!

The problem is when the cell has a mutation that turns off it’s ability to kill itself or not recognize something is wrong and it continues to move through the body that is when it starts to move toward being cancerous. =-/

What can you do?

Since cancer is a sign of a weekend immune system and… 

80% Of The Health Of Immune System Is In Your GUT, 

Support Your Immune System by Doing A Detox!

If you are…

  • Not eliminating solid waste regularly (2-3 times a day)
  • Often feel fatigued
  • Addicted to sugar
  • Have poor memory and trouble thinking clearly
  • Have belly fat that won’t budge
  • Eat processed foods on the go
  • Under constant stress
  • Live near power lines

It’s Time For A Detox!

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Age is NOT the reason your body breaks down as much as the presence of oxidative stress and free radicals!

Defend Yourself!

Detoxing Is One Of The BEST Ways To Do That!

I run a detox twice a year and next week the Spring Food Reset and Detox begins!

Are you ready to…

  • Completely cleanse your intestines and help them heal?
  • Cleanse your liver and gallbladder so they can function optimally and help you detox naturally?
  • Heal your gut lining?
  • Breakdown food so you have better nutrient absorption?
  • Cleanse your system of heavy metals like Mercury, Lead and more so you have better memory and focus?

If you haven’t done in a detox in a while or Never, give your body a fighting chance and see if my Food Reset and Detox is right for you!

Your detox begins next Tuesday!

Take $50 OFF!

Use Coupon Code: Detox

(Expires Tomorrow)

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How would you feel with more energy, vitality and health?

Are you ready to find out?

You are part of the change the world needs and you need to have a body that runs optimally!

I hope you’ll let me help you have that.

Your fitness Ally,

Michelle Melendez-Founder/Master Trainer

P.S. You’re meant to feel good, have consistent energy and live a healthy life! That’s possible for you.  Join me click here! 


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