Do you ever feel:

  • Embarrassed about your body?
  • Ashamed of your body?
  • Self-loathing of your body?
  • Guilty that you look this way?

There is something you should know.

If you’ve struggled with your weight and have felt self-loathing for way too long, your body is conditioned to feel that way!

Check this out…

Whatever feeling you have on a consistent basis your body, actually EVERY cell of your body, becomes conditioned to feeling that way even if you don’t like it! Your body starts to feel comfortable in that emotion! That is was feels normal.

If you constant feel ashamed or not good enough or embarrassed about yourself and you feel this everyday, then your body normalizes that feeling in your cells and your conscious mind will create situations to keep this feeling alive. Your cells become ADDICTED to feeling that way!

Are your ready to change that?

Here are 3 keys to get you started moving toward a body you love:

Key #1: Know that your body is conditioned (addicted) to feel whatever it’s been feeling consistently. If you put yourself down constantly, that is your emotional set point. Your body will feel comfortable and normal putting yourself down even if it doesn’t like it. 

If you feel good about yourself and know that you can get results you want, then that is your emotional set point. It’s what you will feel on a regular basis that you become emotionally addicted to.   

If you don’t like the emotions you’ve created your body to be conditioned to, the first thing to do is know the emotions when they come up. Recognize the feelings you want to shift when they start to happen in your body. This understanding gives you the first step in changing it!

My “Live In A Body You Love” program goes heavily into emotional addiction and how to release it. This is touching on it and it’s a great place to start! You can learn more at:

Key #2: You can’t stop the emotion you’re conditioned to feel from coming up, but you CAN shift it! As soon, and I’m talking AS SOON as you feel the emotions of shame, guilt, self-loathing, or ANY negative emotion you want to change, do a state change. 

Do something like jump up and down, turn in a circle, shake your body, walk really fast for 20 paces and back. Something, ANYTHING that gets your body’s attention and shifts your emotion immediately!

You’ve got to create a new physical state and emotion in your body right before the negative emotion takes over or you will stay stuck! This only takes 15-30 seconds especially if you catch it quickly before your negative self-talk takes over!

After you create a state change, think of something that brings you joy and hope like, “There are lots of women who’ve been were I am and have released weight and now live in a body they love! I’m no different! It’s possible for me!” 

Do this practice on a regular basis and your emotions will shift and you’ll start to feel happier and more self-confidence and love. The choices your make will reflect that and so will your results!

Key #3: Know that your spirit, the you that came here to have a human experience, chose your body! If you can’t grasp this idea right away, ask yourself, “What if that were true? How would I feel about my body if I knew my spirit chose it and wanted to experience this life in it to expand and return to love?”

If you knew, like really knew, that your spirit WANTED to be in YOUR body more than ANY other body on the planet so it could expand itself from shame, doubt, guilt, self-hatred and move into a more confident and loving being inside and out, wouldn’t you give yourself more of a break and stop putting yourself down all the time?

This is what I believe to be true sister: I believe our spirits are here together on earth to go through this life with all the emotions that humans have and to expand ourselves into a version greater than we were before we came.

It is my belief that we all came from love and our spirits knew only love. They couldn’t fathom what not loving ourselves felt like. That didn’t understand self-loathing, shame, embarrassment or any other negative emotion. Those feeling weren’t on their radar but they knew being human they would know them and what an adventure they would have moving through those emotions back into love!

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If you’re still reading this, there is something inside you that connects with what I’m saying. Thank you for being on this human journey with me sister. Yes, it’s been hard and your soul came here for an experience of connection, love, fun and joy. It can be easier than it’s been so far for you. I promise!

It’s time, to stop making it so hard and start living in a body you love!

You can do this!


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All my best to you and your family for a wonderful holiday season!

Remember you matter!


Michelle Heartside


Michelle Melendez-Founder and Master Trainer

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