Do You Struggle With Belly Fat?

Watch the video below to Discover…

  • What Belly Fat Is
  • 6 Causes of Belly Fat
  • 3 Things You Do That Keep Fat On Your Belly
  • Exercises That Release Belly Fat
  • #1 Way to Know If Your Body Is Able To Release Belly Fat Or If It Is STUCK

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Does this sound like you?


  • Put your pants on sucking in your belly to close the zipper and button them up
  • Wear shirts that go past your waist or tuck it in so your belly doesn’t accidentally come out the sides
  • Feel bloated and uncomfortable in your body especially in the evening
  • Notice your side reflection in the mirror and you could almost be mistaken for being in your second or third trimester (Ugh!)
  • Refuse to buy bigger size clothes because you want to believe you’ll release the weight but don’t know exactly how to do it


Belly Fat Freedom
6-Week Program




If you can relate to ANY of these scenarios, the “Belly Fat Freedom 6-Week Program” is for YOU!

I Created This Program To Do ONE THING

Help You Release Belly Fat!

This program is an online tele-coaching program you can do anywhere at anytime! All calls are recorded so you miss nothing! They are available now so you can begin your Belly Fat Freedom journey right away!

You’ll receive bonus videos and PDF’s with check-off lists to make it simple to start, stay on track and get the most out of this program.

Here is what you’ll get…


  • Understand what belly fat is and what you can do about it
  • Learn the two supplements you should take Everyday that will give you energy and release belly fat
  • Find out if your body is able to release belly fat or is holding onto it for dear life!
  • Uncover habits that keep fat on your belly (They may surprise you)
  • Prepare for a life without belly fat
  • Check off list to make preparing to release belly fat easy



  • Discover the QUICKEST way to releases belly fat in less than 10-days
  • Discover the #1 food that causes belly fat
  • Learn the body formula that stores fat and the formula that releases it
  • Explore what hormone actually STEALS fat from healthy areas of your body and puts it on your belly and why
  • Discover a new way to eat that quickly and easily releases fat off your body and keeps you satisfied




  • Learn what foods to avoid at all costs and their amazing substitutes
  • Discover 12 yummy foods to release belly fat and keep you satisfied
  • Release more belly fat with fun habits that you can maintain for a lifetime



  • Discover what married women should NEVER do if they want less belly fat
  • Start to feel the reality of living in a body without belly fat and what to do if and when it shows up again





  • Release even MORE belly fat with this simple method
  • Claim your new body with confidence and excitement



  • Discover how to maintain and maximize your results 



Belly Fat…


You don’t have to live each day squeezing yourself into your jeans or constantly wanting to wear more attractive clothing but feeling insecure to do it.

It IS Possible To Release Belly FAT!

Let me teach you how to do it!

It’s Time To Get Excited About Your Body And..

The Way It Looks!


Oh Yeah it is!!!

This program will help you do just that!

So, this program is ready to go and recently I’ve been researching some new information on CELLULITE that I MUST share with you so I’m including this info into this program!

Cell Do you suffer from cottage cheese looking bumps on the back of your legs and tummy?

Have you ever wondered how it got there and if it’s possible to reduce or eliminate it?

Let me tell you something, having cellulite has to do with your heredity and blood type. It’s what’s happening on the inside that is a reflection on the outside.

The BONUS Information I’m Adding To Your Program Includes:cellulite_and_health

  • Who is most prone to cellulite and why
  • The system in your body that can help you release cellulite and how to stimulate it
  • What foods affect cellulite the most (I bet you’ve eaten at least one of them already today.)
  • 3 keys to reduce and eliminate cellulite (Lotion is NOT one of the keys!)

I haven’t taught this information ANYWHERE and I’m thrilled to add it to this program! We are going to work your body from the inside out so get ready to see some GREAT results and be inspired as you never have before around nutrition and exercise.


As If All That Wasn’t Enough To Give You Full-Body “YES” To This Program, I Wanted To Make It Even More Exciting So I’m Throwing In The Bonuses Below!


Bonus 1

“Get Thin This Time” E-Book


Listen to what Dr. Cynthia Sholes thinks of this Guide Book!

This is a 64 page guide book with inspiring information and practical tips which work! In this Guide Book you will learn…

  • How your body has created an Addiction to the STRUGGLE of Being Overweight
  • 5 Keys to Weight Release Success 
  • Easy Success Journal to make Nutrition SIMPLE
  • A wonderful Unique way women around the world are creating better health and fitness in their lives and how YOU CAN TOO!
  • Powerful questions to ask yourself that TAKE BACK Your Confidence with food!


Bonus 2

Simple Steps To A Slimmer Tummy Video

Dr. Dorothy Ponton-Chiropractor and Nutritionist

This video will teach you a Simple way to get your digestive system moving in the right direction so your body naturally Releases Belly Fat! If you struggle with belly fat, you’ll LOVE this video!


Bonus 3

How to Lose the Last 10-20 Pounds and Double Your Energy Video

Rose Cole-Author and Nutrition Expert

Discover a simple nutrition method that…

  • Doubles Your Energy
  • Releases Belly Fat
  • Clears Brain Fog and may clear skin disorders

It’s time to understand how things work from the inside out!


Look, I have to be honest… It really doesn’t matter to me if you sign up. If you don’t, I’m still going to teach this program to the women who have enrolled and believe me there are a TON!

What matters to me is that you make a clear choice if I’m the right trainer for you and you’re ready to work with me. If I’m not your trainer, no worries. Nothing is going to change for me. I’ll still film workouts around the world and put out fun, inspiring programs that transform lives and women’s bodies because I LOVE doing it! =)

I do hope you find the right trainer for you though and stop kidding yourself that anything is going to change without getting support and creating something different in your life!

I’m sure you heard the saying, “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity!”

If You Are Not Happy In Your Body,

Do Something Different!

If that’s signing up for this program, AWESOME! If it’s hiring a trainer at your gym, WONDERFUL!

It’s time to be happy don’t you think?

It’s time to give yourself a break, stop beating-up on yourself for things you are addicted to doing that keep you in a body you don’t love!

It’s time to get the support you need and move toward something new…like a confident, attractive, healthy, energetic body you can be proud of!

Let’s Get You There Together!


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“I just wanted to say thank you for your program. You may not realize it but your program was such a blessing. I have struggled so very long to be healthy even as a child…years and years of frustration. I’m the healthiest I ever been!!! I have energy like I never had before. It all started because of your program!”

“I went from weighing 150lbs to 131lbs and went from a 38 inch waist to a 34 inch waist! Thank you!”

Gina Hoskins


“I have enjoy and got so much out of your programs. I can’t believe all the tools we covered in the 12 week program. I lost 28lbs total and 16lbs within the first 5 weeks! Thank you so much Michelle for your enthusiasm and belief in me.”

Gillian Robbie


“I’ve been working out now 3 x’s a week, have release 16lbs and am loving it! I attribute this change in my life to you and your program. I appreciate all you do and stand for and I wanted to thank you for your program!!! Thank you so much for the work that you do!”

Paula Marsh


“I LOVED this program!! Huge problems for me were gaining/loosing weight for years off and on, major digestive issues, like boating (every day), and belly fat (couldn’t seem to get past the plateau).

By the end of this program, each of my problems were fixed! I feel like I was given so much information and so many great tools, it has been amazing!

When I lost weight in the past, I lost inspiration and gave up and went back to my old eating habits. This time with all these tools, I have been able to stick with a new lifestyle and in return the weight has been coming off!

Also, one of the the main things that changed in my life during this program was energy! I did not realize I was even lacking energy, I have never had so much energy before! I feel like a different person having these tools and guidelines to follow. Thanks so much for an amazing program and the great information!

Measurements: 6 weeks
BMI: Before 26/ After 24.9
Waist Circumference: Before 34/ After 32.5”

Laura Barone


“Before this program I thought I was very knowledgeable about nutrition and what contributes to weight loss and gain, however I discovered there was so much more to know. The program was easy to follow and Michelle was excellent at explaining the concepts. I am so much more conscious about what I eat, when I eat and how much I eat. I highly recommend this class!”

Linda Alfano


“Before this program I was craving something sweet after every meal and consuming a lot more sugar than I had realized.

After this program, I feel like my cravings are much more in control! I am not craving sugar and I am eating much less sugar, and have lost a few pounds and inches because of it!

I’d recommend this program if you feel “stuck” with your current weight and the little things you used to do to drop a few pounds aren’t working any more. Michelle’s program provided me with a lot of new knowledge and ideas for getting my body back in balance and allowing it to release some belly fat. It was a great program for providing some accountability for me without any stress or pressure to prove anything to anyone.”

Sara Rogers


It is my absolute thrill and honor to teach you this program. Belly fat is actually EASILY released once you know the formula. Let me teach you what it is!

To your health,

Fitness Expert Since 1996

Isn’t it time to put on jeans that make you feel wonderful versus make you feel frustrated? I think it is.

Let’s do this together in a community of people ready to get results and get excited about changes in their body they’ve been wanting for a long time! If that’s you, join me for the Belly Fat Freedom 6-week program!