Beginner Practices

(This library will fill-up shortly. A new workout will be posted every week.)

[NOTE: These workouts are specifically for those with bad back and knees who haven’t worked out in a long-time. Feel free to do the other workouts available and follow Michelle’s instruction when she gives you level-one exercises.]
What you need
  • Thick exercise mat
  • Pilates Fit Ball
  • Light and heavier pair of free weights
  • Muscle tension release ball
  • Exercise band
Click on the practice that speaks to your heart today
I Am Strong and Meant To Be Here

I Am Powerful

Feel Safe with Strong Knees

I am strong accepting all of me

I Am Strong And Vibrant

Strong Legs and Arms

You Get To stretch and Feel Good!

Don't Forget!
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Please check with your doctor before starting this workout program. You take FULL Responsibility for doing these exercise practices and release Michelle Melendez and Women Being Fit of any and ALL liability including any injury or death.