Level 1: Bad knees Strength Training Practices

What you need
  • Thick exercise mat
  • Pilates Fit Ball
  • Light and heavier pair of free weights
  • Muscle tension release ball
  • Exercise band
Click on the practice that speaks to your heart today
I Am Strong, Confident and Balanced

Strong Legs and Arms

Strong Legs, Powerful Body

Strengthen Knees Feeling Empowered

Strong Knees, Firm Butt

Feel Safe with Strong Knees

Knee Strengthener Feeling Safe

Full Body Toning Feeling Safe

I Am Powerful With Strong Knees

Appreciating the Body Feeling Strong

Being Healthy Feels Good! Full Body Firm Up!

You Can Do It Full Body Toning!

Ten Min Butt Burner!

Feeling Strong for the New Year!

Don't Forget!
After you’ve completed your practice post how your experience! Click Here!
Please check with your doctor before starting this workout program. You take FULL Responsibility for doing these exercise practices and release Michelle Melendez and Women Being Fit of any and ALL liability including any injury or death.

2 thoughts on “Bad knees Strength Training Practices

  1. Jacy Kruckenberg says:

    I loved this short workout, Michelle! Got my heart rate up. I feel like it worked a lot of different muscles. And it was gentle on my knees! Thank you!!

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