Life Style Pillar Session 3

Tasks Today:

  • Review Awaken and Transform Actions and Learnings and update as needed click here


  • Review Lifestyle Happiness Scale:
  • What is your Shadow?
  • Gifts from your Shadow
  • Embracing Shadow
  • Daily Practices


(1)Carl Jung: Shadow is the dark side of your personality. It is where you store the most primitive part of yourself. The selfishness, the repressed instincts, the Unauthorized part that the conscious mind rejects.

Your Shadow is a part of you that will help you grow and evolve into a more loving and fully authentic and expressed person if you explore it and choose to embrace it.

(2)To find your Shadow look where you are struggling.

What don’t you like about yourself?

What don’t you like about others?

What is your Shadow?

The Shadow isn’t the problem. It’s what you make it mean about yourself.

What do you make your Shadow mean?

The Gift of Your Shadow:

Your Shadow has a gift for you.

A Shadow and its gifts include:

– Being Mean: Standing up for yourself

– Being Rigid: Honoring your boundaries

– Feeling like a victim: Compassion for self

– Procrastination: Needing to rest

Accepting Your Shadow and Yourself:

When you reject your Shadow and dislike it, you beat yourself up for being You!

What would it mean if you accepted your Shadow sides?

Your Shadow is teaching you something about yourself.

Notice it.

Accept if fully.

See the gift in it to transform it from self-loathing to full self-acceptance.

The universe has given you the journey that you’re on with all of your shadows to show you who you are.

When you look at your shadow from new light and fully excepted it with the gifts it has for you, you create a new future for yourself.

How to Love Your Shadow:

Step One: Notice Your Shadow when she arrives

Step Two: Recognize the gift that is in your shadow.

Step Three: Make peace by remembering that all humans have shadows and that we are all, including yourself, divine beings on a emotional journey of spiritual expansion toward Love.

Step Four: Be proactive and open your heart to your Shadow. Ask it what Gifts it has for you today. Then, ask yourself how you can be more loving to your shadow, fully excepting it as you, not  separate from you, not making it wrong and fully seeing its gifts for you.

When you can fully except your shadow as a part of you you will be a more fully expressed version of yourself and be able to see other people’s shadows and have more compassion and love.

Daily Practices:

1. Shower Apreciation Practice

2. Journal daily Shadow experiences and their gifts for you and end with  writing three things you appreciate about yourself.