Welcome To The 5th Week Of Your Relationship Pillar


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Did you choose connection with another over being right?

The #1 Way To Create Instant Connection

Appreciation is the #1 way to create an instant connection with another person.

You can use appreciation even when someone is angry.

Think to yourself what is something I can appreciate about this person?

We all want to be right. That is our Ego. It’s the way we are designed and when our wanting to be right gets in the way of connection that creates a disconnect and affects our relationships.

Our job in this life to accept all of our experiences, have compassion for ourselves and move toward love and forgiveness of ourselves and others.

When we do that we not only heal ourselves but help the world heal as well.

Think of someone in your life who means a lot to you that you can appreciate.

Here are some fun ways to appreciate them:

  • Send them an out of the blue “I appreciate you” snail-mail card
  • Send them a text that reads, “One thing I appreciate about you is…”
  • Call them up and after you say hello, let them know you’re only calling to let them know why you appreciate them. Then, list at 3-things.

When you do this notice how the energy in your body raises. That is the frequency of love.

Appreciation will lift your energy and mood almost immediately.

Appreciating Yourself

It’s so easy to appreciate others.

When it comes to yourself it can be a bit harder.

You are harder on yourself than anyone is.

You wouldn’t allow someone to speak to you the way you sometimes speak to yourself.

It’s time to give yourself a break and show yourself gratitude for all you’ve been through.

You have done your best in this life. And your best is good enough!

Step outside your life and look at your life from a 3rd person perspective.

If you were to watch a movie of your life, would you have compassion for the leading lady?

Give yourself a break for not being perfect.

Here are some ways to appreciate yourself:

  • Take a warm-bath and ask your family not to disturb you
  • Get a massage
  • Go for a nice walk in nature and be present with everything you see
  • Send yourself an email with 10-things you appreciate about yourself
  • Ask a friend to tell you a few things they like about you. (This one can be challenging and is really fun to experience.)

As the Buddha says…

“You more than anyone in the entire Universe, deserve your love and affection.”

It’s time to have a loving relationship with yourself.

You deserve it.

Meditation for Forgiveness and Compassion for Yourself:

Click Here

Actions for the next week: 

  • Make connection matter more with others than being right.
  • Appreciate one person this week and one next week
  • Do one action this week and next to appreciate yourself