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Soul Contacts

(Week 1)

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What if your soul chose your body, your parents, where you would live in the world and had a sense of the biggest life challenges you’d face?

What if you are on a soul journey of emotional expansion toward love and forgiveness of self and others and every life circumstance you’ve ever been in and will ever be in gives you an opportunity to move in an expanded positive direction or negative contracted direction.

What if you made soul contracts with people in your life before you got here to experience tragedy, betrayal, hardship, love, joy and every other feeling a human being can have for emotional expansion moving you all toward love and forgiveness if you choose it?

This type of thinking has been researched by many experts in the metaphysical realm. Such experts include Richard Martini, author and afterlife expert. Dr. Lauren Cielo, a former scientist turned spiritual teacher and clairvoyant counselor and Nicholas David, founder of Center for Conscious Ascension and author of Your Soul Contract Decoded.

According to these experts and many more before you come into a body, you choose the type of body you will have. You choose your parents, where you will live in the world and the main challenges you want to work through in this life.

You created soul contracts with other souls coming in with you to have loving or challenging experiences that expand you both emotionally and move you toward love and forgiveness of self and others…if you choose it.

For example, if you were molested by an uncle, this concept would say that you had a soul contract with your uncle on a spiritual level so your soul could experience forgiveness and move toward strength and self-love emotionally expanding from a journey of shame, fear, and anger.

When you are on the other side and no longer feel shame or anger but instead compassion for yourself and your perpetrator you are free!

Looking back you may see that if that event never happened, you wouldn’t be who you are today.

Maybe today you help others who had the same experience and you empower them with your story of courage and strength. That is your soul expanding emotionally and one reason you are here.

I’m not saying this is easy because it is far from that. It is a soul journey through the darkness back to the light, which we all experience throughout our lives.

The only way for the soul to learn and expand is to experience feelings that come out of relationships and circumstances with other people. We are here to learn and grow with each other.

Why must you become aware of this and does this relate to living in a body you don’t love?

If you want to release the emotional addiction that keeps you in a body you don’t love, it will be easier to know why you’re experiencing this challenge in the first place.

Your weight loss journey comes from your soul wanting to experience emotional expansion toward self-love. That is why it has been so hard.

Soul journeys are not a piece of cake. They take you to the end of your rope to give you learnings that if you choose, will lead you to love and forgiveness of yourself and others or keep you stuck, emotionally contracted, and frustrated.

Everything you have gone through has created an emotional expansion or contraction of some kind in your body.

If you went through something horrible and haven’t moved through it, your spirit and body are contracted and you live holding that energy inside of you every day.

Yes, every day and that affects the choices you make, feelings, experiences you have, and how deep in a relationship with another you can go.

If you have experienced an event and have fully felt the emotions and turned toward love and forgiveness of self and others, your spirit has emotionally expanded and you are fulfilling your reason for being born.

When you become aware of who you really are and that you are not this body but are instead a spirit who wanted to experience ALL of life, the good and the bad and move toward love and forgiveness of self and others, then you realize that each relationship you’ve had is an opportunity to grow emotionally and spiritually no matter what the situation.

One of my favorite neuroscientist, Dr. Joe Dispenza says…

“When you are not emotionally triggered by an intense memory of your past, it becomes wisdom.”

The wisdom he is referring to is the emotional expansion of the spirit. It comes when you see your patterns for what they really are and choose to emotionally expand out of them moving you toward love and forgiveness and end the daily repetition that keeps you struggling with your weight.

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