Welcome To The 6th Session Of Your Relationship Pillar


  • Did you practice connecting with someone instantly?
    • Here where the suggestions:
      • Send them an out of the blue “I appreciate you” snail-mail card
      • Send them a text that reads, “One thing I appreciate about you is…”
      • Call them up and after you say hello, let them know you’re only calling to let them know why you appreciate them. Then, list at 3-things.
  • Did you do something to appreciate yourself?

3rd Person Perspective

Everyone you know and don’t know has a story to tell.

There have been challenges, triumphs, pains, Joys, discomfort, pleasure and more.

When you step-outside your life and look in from a 3rd person perspective you see things you never saw before and can experience compassion and peace in your life.

When you do this for another person, you can see them in a completely new way.


Soul Contracts

What if our souls have contracts with each other to do things that cause joy, fear, anger, sorrow and the whole spectrum of emotions?

The one thing we take with us when we transition out of our body is who we became in this life.

Moving from sorrow, hurt or anger toward love and peace is what expands our spirit and consciousness on the planet.

When you can start to see someone in the 3rd perspective and have a new opinion of them and then see that maybe you created a contract to have a certain experience in this life, then you can more easily find peace, ease, forgiveness and love both for yourself and other.

It’s not a mistake you are here at this time in history or that you are who you are.

You have a purpose and that purpose is to move toward healing, love and peace in your life and for others.

When you do that you help us all evolve and become more conscious.

Daily Practices:   

  • Each morning before you get out of bed close your eyes and think of your life like a movie. Think of all the things you’ve experienced and find compassion, forgiveness and love for yourself.
  • As you drive to work think of someone who annoys you or challenges you and think of what they must have gone through to be the type of person they are. See if you can find compassion, forgiveness and love for them

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Thank you, sisters!

It’s been a pleasure to take you on this journey.

Next session is our final session. We’ll recap the main points of each pillar. =)



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