Awaken Lifestyle Session 7

Live Inspired

Living inspired is living with direct experience with infinite wisdom and divine intelligence.

The “living” part brings in our humanity for ourselves, other people and our co-creation with the Universe.

Living inspired is a conscious choice to take responsibility for your life. Doing so will give you the following:

  • Strength and trust through challenging times
  • Feeling on purpose
  • Love and connection with yourself and others
  • Kindness and forgiveness of self and others
  • Abundance and insights

How to take responsibility for your life:

  • Be honest about where you are with finances, relationships, career, family/friends, health
  • Get clear on what you want your finances, relationships, career, family/friends, health to look like.
  • Make a plan
  • Follow your intuition 

Review Life Style Happiness Scale:

Be Kind To Yourself.

You create your life!

You don’t have to know how things are going to work out but you MUST believe and trust that an intelligence is working on your behalf and sending you messages that will lead you to things working out.

How To Make Decisions:

Make decisions from your heart, goals, and intuition.

NEVER make decisions from fear, anger or lack.

Daily Spiritual Mind Treatment:

Step One: Raise and elevate your consciousness to know there is a divine intelligence inside you that knows the easiest path for you to reach your goals.

Step Two: Know that you are an expression of this infinite intelligence. Your personality was created from your past experiences, is an expression of divine intelligence having gone through all your challenges and triumphs.

Step Three: Truly trust that what you want is already yours and you are being guided to it.

Daily Awaken Actions:

  • Get in nature for 5-10 minutes every day and be present. Listen to what is around you. Feel the temperature around your body. Feel yourself being supported by the earth.
  • Put your hand on your heart and feel your heart beating and know there is a divine intelligence beating your heart and keeping the trillions of reactions in your body happening as they should.
  • Know that whatever goals and dreams you have are not by chance. Your soul put them inside you for a reason so that you will grow into experiencing them in your life. Trust your dreams.
  • Follow your intuition.

Resource & Inspiration: