Lifestyle Pillar Week 2

Tasks Today:

  • Review Awaken and Transform Actions and Learnings and update as needed click here


Know Your Parts

There are 12- Arche Types that have been identified by as far back as Plato.

They include:

  • Leader
  • Inner Child
  • Jester
  • Prostitute
  • Saboteur
  • Hero

There are many more archetypes and let’s just work with the seven above.

Leader/Queen: How you  you treat yourself when dealing with power can tell  you a lot about who you are. 

Leader/Queen Shadow:  she is the ice queen has had her heartbroken and shuts the world out.

Leader/Queen Positive: She  is the sacred feminine full of compassion, understanding, love.

Inner Child: We all have an inner child within us. Your inner child will tell what deep hurts you have.

Inner Child Shadow: She can feel can feel lost and become the victim.

Positive Inner Child: she can bring in the light and make you feel like a kid again.

Jester: Its easy to make jokes and not deal with the real issues.

Jester Shadow: Avoidance, not wanting to look deeper at what’s really going on.

Jester Positive: Remind us not to Take life so seriously.

Prostitute: Fear you don’t believe in yourself. She’s connected with your faith.

Prostitute Shadow:  Giving away  your power and compromising your values or opinions because you don’t believe in yourself.

Prostitute Positive:  she can put you on alert and let you know you’re on unsteady ground and need to connect back with your higher-self.

Saboteur: She is the guardian of all your choices.  She uses methods, means and the tools to sabotage your relationship to truth.

Saboteur Shadow:  eating in a way that doesn’t leave you feeling good about yourself and justifying it by identifying yourself as a victim or other unempowered feeling.

Saboteur Positive:  you align yourself with your Inner truth and make your choices from there.

Hero:  overcoming obstacles in achieving goals.

Hero Shadow: Refusal to take the call to action toward the journey.

Hero Positive:  trusting in your strength and conquer your fears.

Who will you be for the next 2-weeks?

Prayer From Last Session:

3rd Chakra Prayer from Cyndi Dale::

“I ask that the helping and greater spirits bring in the healing streams of grace that I need to bring into me the spiritual qualities I require through the backside of the 3rd chakra, which is honor, courage, awareness, knowing.

Let this energy  saturate my digestive organs, shifting any negative beliefs, calming the inflamed feelings, changing my digestion and spiritualizing the energy center so it emanates into the world what I need to share and instructs the world how to treat me with honor, respect, and love.”

Meditation: Clearing negative energy click here

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