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  • Your life is a reflection of your emotional vibration
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Life Is A Reflection of Your Emotional Vibration

You are a vibrational emotional being filled with light and sound.

Your emotional vibrations allow you to…

  • Have emotional experiences
  • Feel things that happen in the world
  • Connect with friends and family deeply or superficially
  • Magnatize things you want and don’t want

Have you ever met someone and you clicked or didn’t click right away?

You were feeling their energy and it was or wasn’t a vibrational match with yours.

Your life reflects how you emotional vibrate and what you think.

Your chakras are the foundation of your vibration and energy.

Cyndi Dale author 26 books on chakras. She calls them, “the energy vehicles of consciousness.”

In 1970’s Dr. Vallery Hunt was able to record the color, sound, and energy of the chakras.

Chakras emanate from us and are generated by energies that come to us from Source and the physical world around us. Each has a front and back. The front can be perceived by others. We can sense what is happening around us. We can project our desires.

The back side of our chakras is unconscious energies. It sends energy into the domains of spirt. It is the receivers of energy that you want.

Chakras can open you up to more energy, health and ease and flow in life.

They are made of light and sound and project outside the body to create a field of energy that goes all the way down through your body to the earth and goes above you and around your

Chakras Above Your Body:

The energy on top is more spiritual. When you dream you are using the chakras above you.

Chakras In The Middle Of Your Body:

The chakras in the middle of your body are more psychological and represent what you’re truly ready to receive.

Chakras Below The Navel Of Your Body:

The physical dense chakras are from the hips and down.

Your chakras anchor in your spine, which is your nervous system. Each chakra manages an endocrine gland, which secretes hormones to help your body function properly. They each also manage a psychological element in your life.

Chakras manage how you think and act. According to Cyndi, “They are a gateway to spirit for ways of being.”


(1) Your 3rd Chakra: Is located at your Solar plexus and locks into your digestion.

The front of this chakra deals with opinions, judgments and what you pick up from others. The backside brings in energies that empower you. It is your Personal Power chakra.

This chakra activates between 2. 5 -4.5 years old. What happened at that time will give you a sense of your personal power.

If you had a dysfunctional 3rd chakra you would have a belief that stems from feeling you are separate from others versus connected. The belief, “I am separate” can show up like low self-esteem, low self-worth, I am bad. Feelings will not be healthy.

The 3rd Chakra color is yellow, which represents happy and cheery. Think of the sun.

3rd Chakra Prayer from Cyndi Dale::

“I ask that the helping and greater spirits bring in the healing streams of grace that I need to bring into me the spiritual qualities I require through the backside of the 3rd chakra, which is honor, courage, awareness, knowing.

Let this energy  saturate my digestive organs, shifting any negative beliefs, calming the inflamed feelings, changing my digestion and spiritualizing the energy center so it emanates into the world what I need to share and instructs the world how to treat me with honor, respect, and love.”

Manifesting Your Life Using Your Chakra Energy:

If you want to receive something, you must alter the messages you’re sending out and what you’re willing to receive.

Thinking about it will not get you there.

You must feel it and generate the energy in your body.

Generating the energy in the body comes from being satisfied with the thought of what you want, that then goes into the body and the lower chakras to bring it to you.

It’s like you have to root it into the ground.

Manifestation comes from having a desire & feeling satisfied in your entire body as you think about it.

Most people have a desire and feel disappointed they don’t have that and that will NEVER Manifest it to you.

Your higher-thinking allows you to break-away from your programs. It takes a willingness to notice the program and memorized patterns that run your life and let go of your EGO to start choosing a new way of being.

Chakra Techniques created by Cyndi Dale:

Spirit to Spirit (Use whenever you have to do something you don’t really want or are challenged with):

  • Affirm your spirit that it has all it needs to do the activity as the best version of yourself.
  • Affirm anyone spirit who is part of the activity
  • Affirm the one spirt or higher Source of all things (Let go and let God.)

Healing Streams of Grace (Use when you want to help a situation without draining your energy):

  • Do Spirit to Spirit first
  • Tune into Higher Source and ask them to tune into what they need

Practice techniques above.

Project what you want to your guides and trust it will work out in ways that honor everyone.

Meditation: Clearing negative energy click here