Abundance Pillar Session 3


  • Check-in about homework
  • Stopping Leaking Money Faucets
  • Interview abundant friend
  • Energy of Money
  • Energy Thoughts Check-Book Game
  • Unexpected Income Game

Stopping Leaking Money Faucets

It’s time to stop money from slipping through your fingers.

Do the following:

  • Look through 2- months of bank statements and find any money leaks you may or may not know are there.
  • Call the company and cancel or find out when your subscription will end.
  • Consolidate any credit cards and/or loans for a lower interest rate
  • Start a savings and retirement account

If you don’t stop the leaky money faucet, it could cost you thousands of dollars.

It’s time to honor your hard work.

Part Of ALL You Earn Is Yours To Keep! 

Interview An Abundant Friend

Not everyone has the same money set-point.

It’s time to discover how people with an abundant money mindset feel about money.

Your interview can start with these questions:

  • What was your money mindset growing up?
  • How do you feel about money now?
  • When money gets tight what do you do and how do you feel?
  • What is your biggest insight about money or having an abundant mindset?

This interview will help you see that a lack of money is only a practiced mindset. It doesn’t have to be your truth. If someone you know can feel abundant about money, so can you!

It is only a practiced way of thinking.

“Worry is praying for something you don’t want.” -Bhagavan Das

Energy Of Money

Everything you do and think uses energy.

When you worry you are using energy toward fear.

When you feel grateful for what you have are get curious about how things are going to work out for you, you use energy toward faith and love.

It’s all your choice.

When your body is emotionally conditioned toward lack it’s time for a new practice that shifts your emotional conditioning.

The pic on the right is of me getting a ring into the clown’s mouth at the Santa Cruz beach boardwalk as I ride the merry-go-round right after I made a choice not to feel stressed out about a possible home I was or wasn’t purchasing. This is an Amazing story! 

Here are steps to practice to shift your emotional frequency:

  • Notice the feeling you are having and don’t make it wrong
  • Accept the feeling of lack, worry or whatever it is. Fully accept your feelings as part of you and do not make them wrong.
  • Remember if you can, how old you were when you first felt this feeling (not crucial and it will help)
  • Have compassion for yourself that your body is holding this emotional frequency
  • Understand that your being here at this time in history, born to your parents with your friends and career is no mistake.
  • Know that everything always works out for you and get curious to see how things will work.
    • Who will you meet?
    • What will show up in your life?
    • What magic will you experience
  • Finally, give yourself a break and take action to elevate your emotional frequency and feel better.
    • Get into the present moment by feeling into the space around you.
    • Get in nature and be present with it.
    • Have fun!
    • Listen to your favorite song and dance your butt off!

Your job is not to make yourself wrong for what you are feeling and it’s not to make up stories you don’t believe in.

Your job is to have compassion for yourself; realize you are on a soul journey and fully accept your journey so far. Then, take an action the will elevate the frequency in your body.

What if you knew that things always work out for you?

Could you relax when something happens in your life that doesn’t look good?

It’s time to do just that!

Energy Thoughts Check-Book Game

This practice is from Dr. Bruce Lipton’s YouTube blog https://youtu.be/0quDjlkVvPM

It’s perfect for this program!

Every time you have a thought you are writing an energy check.

Ask yourself is this thought enhancing my life (deposit) or taking away from it (expense).

If your thought is an expense thought that is taking away from your life, do the practice above to shift it into a deposit or life-enhancing thought!

All it takes is practice and soon you’ll be at a new emotional frequency.

Keep Playing The Unexpected Income Game

This game is really powerful!

No matter how small start to see anytime income or things you need show up without you having to do anything for it!

Get ready for magic to start happening.