Abundance Pillar

Session Two


Abundance Energy

Your thoughts and feelings are energy. This energy goes out into the field of pure potential and returns bringing you a vibrational match.

In order to be abundant, you must feel abundant.

The great thing is you don’t have to have tons of money to feel abundant.

Here are things to feel abundant about:

  • Having a home
  • Food in the frig
  • Air to breathe
  • Abundance of clothes
  • Having ANY money in the bank
  • Unexpected money that comes to you
  • Fuel in your car

When you are grateful for what you have and feel the abundance that around you, you will attract more abundance.

Two Abundance Practices:

  1. Feel abundant and grateful for ALL you have AND want what you have.
  2. Notice when unexpected things or money comes to you and get THRILLED about it!

These practices will synch your energy with that of the abundance of the Universe.

Understanding Debt

Society is designed to keep you consuming because if you are in debt, you are easier to control. Being in debt means less freedom.

Being In Debt Takes Away Your Freedom!

The feelings being in debt give are usually…

  • Fear
  • Worry
  • Stress
  • Discomfort when money is brought up in a conversation
  • Not wanting to look at the big picture

It’s time to release feeling fearful with money and start to shift toward feeling free!

The first thing is to look at your personal big picture.

This means three things…

  1. Understanding what you bring in.
  2. Getting clear on ALL your expenses.
  3. Learn your energy about money

Once you do the above you can start to shift your energy from, “I’m going to buy what I want whenever I want” to, “I’m going to grow my security and freedom by adding to my savings and retirement each month. I’m also going to think before I buy something and ask myself if having it honors living in my means.”

Your next step is to create a plan to pay off your debt and start a savings and retirement account no matter how small.

How to pay off your debt:

  • Discover what card(s) or loan has the highest interest rate.
  • Can you lower it by transferring the balance to another card or getting a personal loan?
  • Consolidate as much as you can to lower your interest rate.
  • After you put money into a savings or retirement account pay anything extra you can on your debt. Choose the highest interest card first. Once that is paid off, use the same amount you paid on that debt and add it to another area of debt you owe. Keep doing that until you have no more debt.

Shift your debt vibration to abundance vibration with this practice:

  • Don’t make yourself wrong for your debt
  • Feel grateful for your debt it is teaching you that you value your freedom more than living outside your means
  • Understand debt will NEVER give you security and is designed to keep you a slave
  • Feel excited to see your credit score go up AND a $0 balance on ALL debt

If you are not in debt, kudos!

If you are, it doesn’t mean Anything about you and it’s time to start feeling secure and abundant.

For one-on-one credit counseling call National Foundation for Consumer Credit at 800-388-2227 or www.nfcc.org.

You Can Do This!

Money Management

Understand Your Budget click here

Money LOVES it when you pay attention to it!

Set-up a monthly money date and do the following:

  1. Review your bank statement and make sure there is nothing that shouldn’t be there
  2. Add money automatically to your savings, retirement & unexpected needs accounts immediately after you get paid
  3. Review any stocks and celebrate any increases and bless any decreases trusting you’re always taken care of and made the right decision and you’ll know when to sell or buy.

Yearly money date:

  1. Review how much you’ve saved for the year and celebrate!
  2. Review your stocks and see if you should change anything
  3. Check your credit score
  4. Good time to check in with a financial advisor

Feel grateful for ANY money that comes to you and trust that it is more than enough and you are ALWAYS taken care of!

Money Loves Appreciation!

Unexpected Income Game!

When you acknowledge the money that comes to you and feel excited about it more is on its way!

For the rest of this pillar (August- October) text myself and each other ANY unexpected income that has come to you.

Unexpected Income includes:

  • Bonuses at work
  • Meals, entertainment someone else paid for
  • Any money you find on the ground
  • Anything someone gives you for free

No matter how small let us know about it so we can celebrate together!

When you get a text from someone celebrating their unexpected income, celebrate with them and let your emotional vibration increase.

Let’s have fun and bring in more abundance!