Abundance Pillar Session 6

Transcending Fear & Returning To  Yourself


The Ego

“The Ego is the mind of fear.”

-Marianne Williamson

It’s the part of you that is addicted to the struggle. It is self-hatred having you think it is self-love and safety.

The Ego keeps patterns of self-sabotage alive.

Marian Williamson has 2 great questions that transcend the Ego mind:

  1. Who am I really?
  2. Why am I here?

These two questions can work miracles.

The Universe wanted to experience itself as your personality having gone through your past challenges and successes. You are unique and have a gift to give the world just by being yourself.

When you fully get and accept you open yourself up to miracles!

If you do not align yourself with this thought, you are a slave to your Ego.

According to a course in Miracles, “With every thought, you are either a host to God or hostage to the Ego.”

The Ego creates limitation and stories that you cannot do or have any better and that is just the way it is.

You live into the feelings of your thoughts. That becomes your reality.

If you believe the stories the Ego tells you, you will live a limited life.

You must be willing to change your thoughts and believe that something unexpected can come to you!

The Ego is the absence of love and is not real. (1)

There is only one problem in your life when you are stressed and worries…

You Are Believing That You Are Separate From Source.

This world is designed to have you live in fear, want, and stress.

These feelings keep you separated from Source and feed your Ego.

Here is a list of Egoic behaviors that don’t serve your abundance: (1)

  • Fear masquerading as humility
  • Irresponsible behavior masquerades as a reasonable risk
  • Overspending masquerades as an attitude of abundance
  • Unethical behavior or manipulation masquerades as “no big deal”

Connecting To Source, Remembering Who We Are & Why We Are Here Releases Egoic Insanity.

It’s time to have more confidence and power and ease in your life.

When you connect to Source and fully accepting ALL of you as you do what you love you help make the world a better place!

You have a choice to believe your Ego or believe in Source. Not choosing one or the other is not an option!

If you are not consciously choosing Source, you are unconsciously choosing the Ego.

Practice connecting to Source and remembering who you are daily. Surrender the stories and fears of your Ego and your life with change.

3-Positive Attitudes

This is taken from The Law of Divine Compensation by Marianne Williamson.

To create miracles you must proactively be positive.

Here are 3 types of Positive Attitudes to focus on:

  1. Positivity about other people
  2. Positivity about possibility
  3. Positivity about yourself

Positivity About Others: 

All relationships give energy to you or take energy from you according to what you give out. This is not just being around the person but your thoughts about them will affect your energy and will build or destroy your energy and relationships.

Have you ever had the intuition about how someone feels about you?

That is because we are all of one mind and can connect with the frequency of others thoughts as they can with yours.

When you think positively about someone you know or someone you want to know has the power to affect their lives and yours. When you think of someone with love you create a soul connection and envoke the expression of their highest-self which improves the chances of them connecting with your higher-self and creating synergy and a higher frequency of love between you and in the world.

Thinking positive thoughts of someone will have a greater impact on your life than thinking positively about a business transaction with them.

Thinking positively about someone includes the following:

Wishing them

  • Good healthy
  •  Good fortune
  • Blessed opportunities
  • And more

It also includes thinking that you are a positive influence in their life.

Every Relationship Has A Purpose To Bring About An Awakening Of Who We Really Are And Healing Of The World.

It’s not a mistake people come into your life.

There is meaning to all relationships.

Relationships create life lessons that include:

  • To listen more
  • To be kinder
  • To forgive
  • To be confident and speak-up
  • To leave

Opening up to love in all relationships and honoring yourself will create miracles.

Actions to create positive connections with other:

  • Before walking in your place of work imagine yourself at the end of your day leaving inspired and feeling great about yourself, the people you work with and the service your business gives to the world.
  • Before and during a meeting send everyone love and appreciation for the gifts they bring even if you don’t like the personality of someone. See the higher-self in the room and honor and appreciate them.
  • Forgive anyone who has hurt or disrespected you. This doesn’t mean make them right or dishonor yourself. It means to see their higher-self learning a lesson that you are helping them understand if they open to it. See their higher-self and forgive their lower frequency human body.
  • Bless others for the lesson they gave you. Ask yourself if you did your best? Could you have done something different? Get the lesson and surrender judgments to Source. Then move on.

 Positivity About Possibilities: 

Energy and passion creates abundance.

The workplace can be a place of stress and frustration or it can be a place of the soul’s growth and possibility.

If your energy is feeling fear, stress, and worry, you are closing off to opportunities that could be right in front of you but you will not see it.

A lot of times what you are looking for is very close by. In order to see it, you must stay involved in your life instead of having a mundane life.

What is your consciousness doing in your life?

Try this practice:

When something shows up that you don’t want to do, look at it is an opportunity to grow spiritually and ask yourself how you can have fun and bring more love to you and others while doing that task. Then, get ready for the magic to happen!

Possibilities are all around you.

Bring to your life the fullness of yourself!  

 Positivity About Yourself: 

No one is special and ALL people are special. No one is better than the other no matter how much money they make.

You are special because you are a unique version of all that is. There has never been and will never be anyone like you.

The Universe wanted to experience itself as your personality having gone through all your past experiences.

Your soul has a journey for you. That is why you love what you love and are doing the work in the world that you’re doing. It’s also why certain people come into your life and you go through certain experiences.

Your soul is on a journey and it’s time to give yourself a break!

You are put in various situations and relationships to bring you to the situation. You are the gift to the world that the world has been waiting for.

Your emotional expansion is what heals yourself and past pains and heals the planet and people on it.

You Are The Plane & Source Is The Pilot.

When you really get that and open your heart to love and forgiveness of yourself and others you will be inspired toward action that creates more opportunities to love and abundance can easily flow into your life.

I love this story…

During a crucial time in the Civil War a general said to president Lincoln, “May God be on our side.”

President Lincoln said in reply, “No general. May we be on God’s side.”

When you live in your Ego and believe its stories and negative thoughts you are the general trying to move your life where YOU think it should go.

When you remember that you are Source and you’re here to be yourself just as you are and trust your journey, you are more like President Lincoln and being God’s Co-Pilot.

Your Power Is To Surrender And Trust That Your Skills And Abilities Will Be Used For The Highest Good Of All.

You are meant to serve a higher plan for the healing and awakening of the planet by being yourself just as you are and therein you will experience success and happiness.


(1) The Law Of Divine Compensation by Marianne Willamson Click here