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  • Money & Me Document
  • Check-in on abundance actions:
    • Delan did you make an appointment with Kobie?
    • Kayleen did you interview someone with a positive abundance mindset?
  • 3 mindsets that keep abundance away from you

3 Mindsets That Keep Abundance Away From You

1) Negative Self-Talk

Negative self-talk blocks abundance from coming into your life.

Do you ever put yourself down for where you are at in your life?

That emotional frequency keeps abundance from coming into your life. It literally blocks opportunities and ideas of how to be more abundant.

You are a child of infinite intelligence. There is nothing that cannot come to you unless you are blocking it with your thoughts, feelings, and frequency.

How do you shift negative emotional conditioning in your body?

You must be willing to see it and feel it as a memorized pattern in your body.

When you recognize that is is just a memorized pattern, you can start to pay attention to when you start feeling it. The moment it first starts to show up is the magical point where you can create a pattern interrupt.

Pattern Interrupt Steps:

  1. Remember that you are not your emotions. You are a light and energetic being, and creator of your life.
  2. Do something that interrupts the vibration in your body. Here are some ideas:
    1. Shake your body for 30-60 seconds
    2. Put on a fun high vibrational song. Example click here
    3. Get in nature for at least 2-minutes and be still
    4. Meditate
    5. Gaze at the sun with your eyes closed for 60-seconds
  3. Be willing to feel good in your body and give yourself a break from the familiar patterns

You must be willing to feel something new or something new cannot come to you.

It is sooooo easy to stay in the same place you’ve always been. You know how to live your life like that.

I’m offering you freedom if you are willing to practice releasing what is familiar and move toward what feels good.

You deserve that!

2) Anger

Anger is the 2nd mindset that blocks abundance from coming to you.

First, anger can be used in a positive way but only if you allow it to move you toward positive action.

For example:

If someone steals your purse, it is appropriate to get angry. In fact not getting angry my lead into victimhood where you put yourself down and don’t feel like a strong person.

Anger used positively may lead you toward becoming more aware of your surroundings. It may build your confidence and leave you feeling empowered that no one is going to take from you again.

Using anger to move you forward is healthy.

Staying angry from months and years is not healthy.

If there is something that happened a long time again around money that still makes you angry, that is keeping abundance from coming into your life.

If you still feel anger toward something that happened in the past, go deeper with the issue.

Is there an underlining sadness around it?

Normally when someone is angry there is really a sadness that is the foundation for their anger.

When you realize the pain or sorrow that is the core of the anger you can start the healing process.

Is there someone or something you need forgive?

Anger used in a healthy way can transform your life and make you a stronger more confident and wise person. It only takes practice and a willingness to see the issue for what it really is.

When you are angry you cannot think of new ways to familiar problems.

Anger is a high negative frequency that is powerful and has its place for sure when it comes to emotional transformation. Your job is to be willing to move through it and not get stuck!

3) Guilt

Guilt is the third mindset that will for sure block abundance.

When you are feeling guilty that you did something wrong and it hurt yourself or someone you know and love that can be like a seed of blackness that covers the light inside you.

Giving yourself a break is sometimes very challenging.

However, you must remember that you are not perfect. You are designed to make mistakes and learn and grow from them.

A dear friend of mine made a very bad investment and lost $30,000.

He beat himself up for it for months.

All the time he was beating himself-up he was blocking abundance from coming to him in other ways.

Yes, it sucks to lose that much money. It took him years to save it and it was gone so quickly.

Still, it was an amazingly good life lesson he will never forget and he’s still young. It wasn’t his complete life savings and everything has worked out since then.

The feeling of guilt is like a boulder on your heart.

I remember when he was going through it he was starting to have chest pains and we were all concerned he would have a heart attack.

That’s because your emotions are tied directly to your heart and the emotion of guilt weighs heavily on the body.

Whatever has happened in your life that was your fault are you willing to give yourself a break?

You are not perfect and you’re not meant to be.

We all take risks and sometimes we win and sometimes it’s a hard hit.

Feeling guilty will NEVER bring abundance into your life. It is a very different frequency.

Feel the guilt when it’s there and notice that it has a lesson for you. See what you could have done better and then move toward love and forgiveness of yourself by giving yourself a break.

You are doing the best you can like everyone else.

“You, more than anyone in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” -Buddha


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